Wash away your laundry worries with the best front loader washing machines

With options to suit every budget and style.

Hold on to your socks, because if you’ve been tossing and turning about whether or not to take the leap and invest in a front loader washing machine – this is the article for you. 

Front loader washing machines have quietly taken over the laundry room scene, leaving traditional top-loading machines in the dust.

Why the sudden surge in popularity? Front loaders offer a winning combination of benefits, from superior cleaning power and water efficiency to quieter operation and gentler fabric care.

Sound too good to be true? Keep reading to explore the world of front loader washing machines and discover if they’re the perfect match for your laundry woes.

The best front loader washing machines of 2024 

Are you convinced of the benefits of front loaders? Below are some of our top picks for options to shop right now. 

Hisense 7.5kg Front Load Washer


Hisense 7.5kg front load washer

$499 at The Good Guys

Best for: budget-savvy shoppers

Boasting over 300 five-star reviews, this washing machine from Hisense is the ultimate choice for those wanting a bargain. It has a potent water jet, thanks to the Hisense Pure Jet wash system, making short work of stubborn stains and rapid detergent dissolution.

“The Hisense front loader washing machine is an entirely different experience for me than my previous washing machine, which was a top loader,” wrote a five-star reviewer. “It holds a surprisingly large load. The results are clean washing and very pleasing…”

Key features:

  • 4.5-star energy and water rating
  • 15 wash programs including allergy steam and quick wash
  • Hisense pure jet wash system for deep cleaning
  • Delay end function to schedule washing times
  • Drum clean operation to reduce bacteria and odours
  • High efficiency and low noise
Fisher & Paykel 8kg Front Load Washer


Fisher & Paykel 8kg front load washer

$899 at The Good Guys

Best for: eco-conscious households

The Fisher & Paykel 8kg front load washer tackles laundry with a powerful Direct Drive motor for speedy cleaning. Plus, SmartDrive Technology keeps things quiet, making laundry day less of a chore. It boasts a 4.5-star WELS water rating and a 4-star energy rating, so you can save resources while getting a thorough clean for your clothes.

The machine has over 800 five-star reviews on The Good Guys, with one customer writing: “After having owned several front load washers over the years I have found this particular one to be the best one purchased yet. It is very quiet and very economical to run. Cannot fault it.”

Key features:

  • 1200rpm spin speed for faster drying times
  • Nine wash cycles for various laundry needs (heavy, delicate, easy iron, etc).
  • Quick 30-minute wash cycle
  • Water-efficient with a 4.5-star water rating
  • Energy-saving with a 4-star energy rating

Also available at:

Beko 7.5kg Front Load Washing Machine


Beko 7.5kg front load washing machine

$733 (usually $949) at Appliances Online

Best for: busy families

This family-friendly machine has a variety of features suited for any mess, from grass stains on jerseys to pet hair on clothes. Choose from 15 wash cycles for delicates, bedding, or everyday items. The SteamCure function also helps remove stubborn dirt or refresh clothes with minimal wrinkles.

“Easy to use, looks neat, washes quietly and clothes come out clean and quite dry,” said a reviewer who left five stars. “Good value and long warranty period offers peace of mind and shows confidence in the product.”

Key features:

  • 4-star energy rating
  • 4.5 star water rating
  • StainExpert selects from 24 stain settings for targeted cleaning
  • 15 wash programs
  • SteamCure loosens dirt or reduces wrinkles with the power of steam
  • Quiet and efficient

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LG 9kg Series 5 Front Load Washing Machine with Steam


LG 9kg Series 5 front load washing machine with steam

$999 at LG

Best for: saving money on power bills

This sleek front loader has a 4.5-star water and energy rating and holds up to 9kg worth of laundry, making it a worthy investment for big families who may be looking to splurge and save in the long run. It has 11 types of settings that can be optimised for each wash and a high spin rate to ensure minimal left-over moisture.

Key features:

  • 4.5-star water and energy rating
  • Intelligent clothing care with AI technology
  • Reduce allergens with steam cycles
  • Outstanding wash with 6 Motion Wash Technology
  • Remotely start and monitor wash progress with ThinQ

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Haier 10kg Front Load Washer


Haier 10kg front load washer

$999 at The Good Guys

Best for: a thorough, hygienic clean

This powerhouse front loader tackles large loads of laundry in no time at all, thanks to a massive 10kg capacity and a range of smart features. Kill 99.99 per cent of bacteria with the UV Protect mode, keeping your clothes hygienically clean, and say goodbye to detergent guesswork with the Auto Dosing feature.

Key features:

  • 4.5-star water and energy rating
  • UV light kills bacteria
  • Stain treatment targets tough stains
  • Auto dosing prevents detergent waste
  • Wi-Fi connectivity for remote control
  • Speed up function shortens wash times
  • Express 15 cycle washes light loads in 15 minutes

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Samsung 12kg Bespoke Front Load Washer


Samsung 12kg Bespoke front load washer

$1596 at The Good Guys

Best for: large households

This extra-large washer is known for its brains *and* beauty. The AI wash system personalises cleaning for each load, while the Auto Dispense saves you from guessing how much detergent to use. Powerful cleaning meets gentle care, thanks to features like Hygiene Steam and QuickDrive technology that cut wash times in half. Added bonus? The sleek, Bespoke design lets you customise the washer to match your laundry space.

“Really enjoying our new machine,” said a five-star reviewer. “We have had it a few weeks and it washes very well. Clothes look brighter. The machine is nice and quiet and I like the feature to delay start time of wash so it can use our solar power while we are out during the day. The size is nice and compact on the outside but able to do 12kg. Loving the sleek design too.”

Key features:

  • 5-sar energy rating
  • 4-star water rating
  • AI wash system automatically selects optimal wash settings for each fabric type
  • Auto dispense releases the precise amount of detergent and softener
  • Hygiene steam cycle eliminates up to 99.9 per cent of germs and allergens
  • SmartThings App monitors cycles and sends notifications
  • Quiet operation

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Why should you buy a front loader washing machine?

The benefits of a front loader washing machine are truly endless.

Not only will they save you space in the limited area of a laundry room (they allow you to stack with a dryer or hide under counters), but front loaders have earned accolades for their impressive energy and water efficiency, marking a step forward in promoting sustainable living.

Utilising advanced washing technology, they also consume less water and energy per load, contributing to reduced utility bills and a greener footprint. 

What’s more, many front-loading washers boast spacious drums, making them an ideal choice for families aiming to cut down on their laundry loads.

Which brand is best for front load washing machines?

Picking the perfect front load washer brand can feel overwhelming! The good news is there are several reliable options in Australia, each with their own strengths.

For cutting-edge features and smartphone connectivity, brands like Samsung and LG are known innovators. If water efficiency and a long lifespan are top priorities, Fisher & Paykel might be a great fit.

Beko and Hisense also offer budget-friendly choices with solid features, while brands like Miele are renowned for exceptional durability (though with a higher price tag).

As seen in the washers we explored above, there’s a perfect front load washer out there for every laundry room and budget!

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