Zara Tindall reveals fascinating secret about the Queen

Her Majesty's grandchild opens up in chat with husband Mike

Zara Tindall may not carry a royal title, but the daughter of Princess Anne and granddaughter of the Queen is still very much a remember of the royal family.

So when she gave a rare interview with the UK’s House of Rugby, ears pricked up for some palace dish. And although she naturally only had nice things to say – why wouldn’t she? – Zara and husband Mike still dropped some fascinating insider titbits, reports Hello magazine.

When asked who would head a fantasy royal rugby team, both agreed it would be the Queen, who would hold the position with ‘quiet authority’ and offer a “couple of key bullet points, with a glance of an eye.” 

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Zara was asked if she’d ever received a stern look from Her Majesty, to which she responded, “I always get the good look.”

“We are okay. I think we are alright,” she said. “Probably when we were much younger, but not recently, definitely not.”

When conversation turned to Netflix series The Crown, Zara was asked who she would like to play her.

“I hope it doesn’t get that far,” she said, before deciding on “Charlize Theron maybe, or Margot Robbie.”

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