Wills’ coronation fury: “This is not on, Harry!”

The brothers refused to acknowledge each other whilst at their fathers coronation...
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For weeks on end there’s been mind games from Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, who on more than one occasion had palace staff convinced he would pull out of King Charles’ coronation at the 11th hour.

According to reports last week, Harry’s team was barely responding to emails from the palace, who were trying to confirm his arrival details.

It’s a move that enraged his older brother, William, Prince of Wales.

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“No one was more frustrated by Harry’s ‘RSVP games’ than William,” confides one of New Idea’s palace insiders.

The source stresses that aside from “unbelievable bad manners” from Harry, he would have known full well the level of panic his constant “yes, no, maybe” procrastination would have caused organisers, not to mention the extra stress for his father, King Charles.

We’re told that amid the duke resisting confirming his attendance, Charles, 74, was desperately hoping his sons would pose with him
in a portrait during his historic coronation.

Prince Harry was a less than welcome guest….and he knew it! (Credit: Getty)

However, William’s patience for his brother has worn thin, meaning a reunion between the brothers would be frosty behind the scenes.

“William’s tolerance for Harry’s spoilt brat antics is zero these days,” details the insider.

“To not know mere days before if he was going to be there was just appalling.”

It’s believed William, 40, has become “his own man” since stepping up as heir and is no longer consulting ‘The Firm’ on decisions.

“Without their mum around, William feels partly responsible for his brother.”

“Wills doesn’t want Harry at events,” says our insider source. (Credit: Getty)

New Idea is told that while the palace made every effort to make Harry feel included at his father’s historic coronation, even as rumours swirled that he may be a last-minute no-show, insiders say next time Wills might not be so accommodating.

“Wills doesn’t want Harry at a family event ever again,” insists the source, who alleges the brothers engaged in a 15-minute spat over Harry’s attitude.

“If Wills had his way, Harry wouldn’t be welcome back in the UK at all. If he’s not going to show basic manners when it comes to RSVPs, it may be the last invitation he gets.”

The last time Charles, William and Harry were all together was at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. (Credit: Getty)

Sadly, there seems to be little hope of reconciliation between Harry and William, especially after the younger brother revealed that William took a secret payout from the owners of The Sun newspaper over phone hacking allegations.

“William can’t believe that Harry would reveal something so personal about his own brother,” says a source.

“Even if there is a brief moment of peace between the boys for the sake of their dad on his special day, no one expects the truce to last long.”

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