Will Meghan Markle make the same mistake as Diana at her wedding?

A right royal blunder

With only weeks to go until Meghan Markle and Prince Harry tie the knot in the wedding of the year, preparations are in full swing.

The world will be watching as the couple exchange vows on May 19 at St Georges Chapel on the grounds of Windsor Castle.

Will the pressure from the big day cause the couple to make the same mistake that Princess Dianna did when she said her vows?

With more than 750 million people watching, Princess Diana fumbled over Prince Phillips name. The young bride mixed up the Prince’s names, calling him Phillip Charles Arthur George, rather than the correct Charles Phillip.

But she wasn’t the only one to slip up.

Diana and charles
Prince Charles and Diana exchange wedding vows. (Credit: Getty Images)

Prince Charles referenced, ‘thy goods’ rather than ‘my wordly goods’ during his vows.

Like Diana, Meghan Markle will also need to use her soon-to-be husbands full name during their vows, which is Henry Charles Albert David.

Fingers crossed she remembers them all!  

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