Why this photo of Kate is giving Diana fans goosebumps

A tribute to her late mother-in-law.
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We’ve often seen members of the royal family pay subtle tribute to Princess Diana in their fashion choices but one photo of Kate Middleton is giving fans absolute chills!

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The resurfaced photo shows the Duchess wearing an almost identical ensemble to her late mother-in-law, Diana.

Add in the matching facial expression and the resemblance is striking.  

The Duchess of Cambridge wore a Diane von Furstenberg coat adorned with three red poppies pinned to her chest, in honour of Remembrance Sunday, an almost identical outfit to that worn by Princess Di.

(Credit: Splash)
(Credit: Rex)

Queen Elizabeth led the Sunday morning ceremony the photo was captured at, wearing a calf-length black coat and matching hat.

She had a few poppies decorating her jacket and several pieces of pearl jewellery on as she conducted the ceremony.

The Duke of Cambridge and his brother Prince Harry were both present at the event, as well.

Prince William wore a navy blue coat, while his younger brother wore traditional red-and-black attire. Both the men laid out wreaths to honour their country’s fallen soldiers.

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