The surprising tipple the Queen enjoys in secret

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With Christmas well and truly on the way, Buckingham Palace are sure to have preparations for the celebrations underway.

But, it has been revealed that there is a tipple that Queen Elizabeth II is said to enjoy every Christmas, and it’s rather surprising!

Sounds like an enjoyable evening! 

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Royal expert Ingrid Stewart revealed in the documentary Inside Sandringham: Holidaying with The Queen that Her Majesty is very fond of a martini on Christmas day.

“I think the Queen likes a martini,” she said. “Other people would rather have champagne.”

However, she revealed that Prince Philip tends to stick to beer and that the drinks can be rather strong.

“Prince Philip isn’t a great drinker, he always used to drink pale ale,” she revealed.

The Queen
The Queen is said to enjoy a martini on Christmas. (Credit: Getty Images)

“So, they’re not great drinkers. But the drinks are very strong. So, any one that’s a guest would be knocked out by these drinks.”

Of course, there is plenty of food to soak up any drinks the royals may enjoy and former royal chef Darren McGrady revealed that The Queen likes to thank her staff with a toast over the roast turkey.

“At the end of carving the turkey, the palace steward brings the chef a glass of whiskey, and Her Majesty raises a toast to the head chef,” he revealed in the doco.

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