The royal baby is already worth how much?!

The amount will shock you

Prince William and Kate Middleton might have only just welcomed their third child a few days ago but the little prince is already worth more than most of us could dream of.

The royal tot was lucky enough to have been born into one of world’s wealthiest families. The Windsor’s are thought to be worth around $116 billion, according to Forbes.

Less than half that wealth comes from assets like Buckingham Palace, with the large majority coming from their ‘brand’, which entails tourism, fashion and media.

The royals add around $3 billion to the UK economy each year through tourism and souvenirs.

And, the new royal prince should add upwards of $92 million to the economy just by being born, according to Money. That sum includes the sale of souvenirs and a spark in the purchase of baby goods and memorabilia.

Prince William with George and Charlotte visiting the new royal baby.
George and Charlotte also have a hefty net worth. (Credit: Getty Images)

His siblings aren’t doing too bad either!

Prince George is estimated to have a net worth of $4.4 billion, while his little sister, Charlotte is worth $5.5 billion- largely due to the clothes she wears.

‘Charlotte’s endorsement effect will likely be felt across a much broader range of products and brands or types of clothing than will George’s,’ Marketing and communications director, Robert Haigh told Marie Claire.

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