US report: The Queen rips into Meghan

"No one at the palace has seen the Queen this incensed before!"

Palace insiders have reportedly snitched on what REALLY went down between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton.

A source told Star, “It was a real Buckingham Palace bollocking. You don’t ever want to be summoned to the Queen’s private reception.”

“The Queen’s private secretary set up a meeting between Her Majesty and the Duchess of Sussex. 

“The Queen told Meghan that she’s ‘destroyed Harry’ by coming between him and Prince William and Kate. 

“No one at the palace has seen the Queen this incensed before!”

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This meeting came in the wake of reports that Kate and Meghan had a falling out after the 37-year-old royal “reprimanded” on of Kate’s staff ahead of her and Harry’s wedding – and that Kate told her, “That’s unacceptable; they’re my staff and I speak to them.” 

In a rare statement, the Royal Family claimed the incident “never happened”, but had no comment on reports Kate was in tears at a bridesmaid dress fitting for her daughter, Princess Charlotte, before the wedding. 

Adding fuel to the fire, Harry and Meghan announced they would be moving to Frogmore House ahead of their baby’s birth in the Spring, instead of an apartment at Kensington Palace next door to Kate and William.

“It’s total chaos,” a palace insider snitched. 

“Everyone hoped the two princes’ families would live in harmony, but they’re only growing more distant now that Harry and Meghan are moving out.” 

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All of this is making the 92-year-old monarch very unhappy, insiders claim. 

“Meghan was given a new set of rules, which included not upsetting Kate or William, or any of their staff. 

“Meghan was dumbfounded but she kept her head high.”

The Royal Family are yet to respond to Star’s report. 

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