Inside The Crown Finale Celebration: Meg Bellamy talks on her role playing Kate Middleton

The Emmy award winning show is finally coming to an end.
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After almost a decade, The Crown is finally about to come to an end.

Pulling back the curtain on the most secretive family in the world, the critically acclaimed six-season series has given monarchists and anti-monarchists alike a dramatised look inside the lives of the British Royal Family. 

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 On December 5, the cast of The Crown attended the the Finale Celebration at The Royal Festival Hall in London, England. 

Newcomer Meg Bellamy joined the series playing the role as a college-age Kate Middleton… she recently spoke to Entertainment Tonight about her experience.

Meg Bellamy on the red carpet at The Crown Finale Celebration. (Credit: Getty)

“This has all been very surreal,” Bellamy told ET.

“It was definitely nerve-wracking before, but just so much fun. The director made everyone feel so comfortable, and the music was pumping, the crowds were cheering, so it was actually a really electric day and it felt cool to be wearing a kind of iconic piece of history.” 

Meg Bellamy who plays Kate Middleton and Ed McVey who plays Prince William. (Credit: Getty)

In a recently published exclusive interview with PEOPLE, Bellamy, who plays Kate, and Ed McVey who plays Prince William, opened up about their roles.

“As actors [we’re] taking it very seriously because we are playing real people. But also what Peter [Morgan] wrote was, for me, it was very easy to connect to. I just felt a lot of truth in what he was writing. Just about the psychology of people, not necessarily about the royal family,” McVey told PEOPLE of his take on the script.

“And using it as more of a conduit for human emotions and families”

Bellamy shared that when it comes to her role portraying the future Princess of Wales, she felt the “responsibility” and “pressure.”

“Obviously, they’re real people, so there’s a lot of research out there. But it can just be noise a lot of the time because you don’t know what’s true and you have to take everything with a pinch of salt,” she said.

Celebrating 50 years on the throne. (Credit: Netflix)

Netflix has given fans a sneak peek at what we can expect to see in the second part of The Crown season six, set to premiere on December 16, just over a month after the first four episodes were released on Netflix. 

Eight photos have been revealed, showing the cast in character and scenes, including a now grown-up Prince William, portrayed by Ed McVey, Prince Harry, portrayed by Luther Ford, and newcomer Meg Bellamy who will play Catherine Middleton. 

A happier time. (Credit: Netflix)

Following the aftermath of Princess Diana’s tragic death, the final six episodes of the Emmy award-winning drama series will follow the royal family as they fight against the tide of negative public opinion, and prepare themselves for the Queen’s golden jubilee celebrations which took place in February 2002. 

Brotherly bonding. (Credit: Netflix)

Whilst the first four episodes closely followed the marriage breakdown of Prince Charles and Diana (and Diana’s subsequent romantic entanglement with Egyptian film producer Dodi Fayed), part two will follow the blossoming romance between Prince William and Catherine Middleton, who met whilst studying at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland in September 2001. 

Stealing the show. (Credit: Netflix)

It is expected that the final episode will conclude in 2005, leaving the last 18 years of royal activities uncovered by the Netflix series.

Love at first sight. (Credit: Netflix)

Based on this timeline, we expect that the final episode will conclude with the wedding of King Charles and Queen Camilla – which took place in April 2005 – then known as the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall. 

Together at last! (Credit: Netflix)

We also expect that the final episodes will cover the wedding of Prince Edward to Sophie Rhys-Jones, which took place in June 1999, and the deaths of both Princess Margaret in February 2002 and the Queen Mother in March 2002. 

In November 2003, Edward and Sophie welcomed their firstborn child, Lady Louise Alice Elizabeth Mary Mountbatten-Windsor, it is unclear whether her birth will be featured in any upcoming episodes.  

Margaret and the Queen Mother passed with a month of one another. (Credit: Netflix)

First appearing as Leader of the Opposition Tony Blair, in season five of The Crown, newly elected Prime Minister Tony Blair (portrayed by Bertie Carvel) will also return for part two of season six. 

The real-life Tony and the late Queen Elizabeth were known to have a tense relationship during the former Prime Minister’s 10-year tenure, with rumours swirling that Tony was one of Queen Elizabeth’s least favourite British Prime Ministers. 

Tony and the Queen were not always in agreement. (Credit: Netflix)

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