“I feel sick”: Sylvia Jeffreys SLAMS ‘negativity’ directed at Harry and Meghan

"History is repeating in so many ways with Harry."
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Australian TV personality Sylvia Jeffreys is taking a stand against those criticising Prince Harry and Meghan amid the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

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Speaking in an interview with author Jane Caro, Sylvia said of the relentlessly damning press surrounding the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, “I am starting to feel sick about the negativity around Harry and Meghan this time.”

“History is repeating in so many ways with Harry, whose grief as a child was owned by others, Jeffreys added in reference to the tragic death of his mother, Princess Diana, in 1997.

“I am starting to feel sick about the negativity around Harry and Meghan this time.” (Credit: Nine)

Sylvia continued, “Once again it is been owned again, and he is being criticised for grieving in a way that others aren’t happy about.”

Jane Caro shared the Today Extra host’s sentiments, adding, “I am actually really over the ‘hate Harry and Meghan’ stuff. I think it’s nasty.”

“Here is a bereaved young man who has such tragedy in his life. When he lost his mother, I will never forget that little boy marching behind that coffin with that message that said ‘Mummy’. I feel like, can we all back off?” she added.

The discussion comes following Prince Harry and Meghan Markle joining Prince William and Kate Middleton on Saturday for a walkaround at Windsor Castle following the death of Her Majesty, the first public appearance featuring the fab four since Commonwealth Day in March 2020.

Harry and Meghan
Meghan and Harry have copped criticism during their time in the UK. (Credit: Getty)

In what makes for one of the more recent attacks on Meghan includes a bizarre theory that the Duchess of Sussex was wearing a microphone during Saturday’s public outing, with social media users spotting a “suspicious” detail in her outfit.

According to some Twitter users, a square-shaped crease in the former Suits star’s dress has raised suspicions that Meghan was wearing a recording device, possibly to use for content for her upcoming Netflix project.

“The attention-chaser that wants to take a “break from the public” – recording stuff for the Netflix documentary,” one Twitter user wrote, as another added, “I can’t believe she is recording this. She is just a vile and toxic woman. I hope King Charles has told Harry she is not to come to the funeral.”

Others, however, came to the defence of Meghan, with one fan hitting back, “Just creases in the dress, nothing else.”

Some social media users believe Meghan was wearing a microphone. (Credit: Getty)

“Maybe she wears her belt on the inside and that’s the buckle. I often wear my belt on the inside with the buckle off-centre. I’m sure many people do,” another added.

Meanwhile, a source has shut down the “insane” theory in a statement to Page Six, that read: “This is insane and actually damaging to her. Of course she was not wearing a mic.”

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