Royal succession shock: It’s Queen Anne as scandal forces out Prince Charles

The hard working royal steps into the spotlight
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The Queen has always indicated that she will remain on the throne until the end of her life. However, debate continues to rage over who will eventually take her place. While it’s long been assumed that Prince Charles could be sidestepped in favour of his eldest son Prince William, rumours are swirling that it’s her daughter, Princess Anne, who Queen Elizabeth wants to take the throne.

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New Idea learns from palace insiders that the Queen is increasingly disappointed with the way her heir-in-waiting, Prince Charles, has handled recent events, including the Jeffrey Epstein scandal.

As a result, the Queen has been in secret discussions with Princess Anne, whom she has always privately felt is a more suitable leader than her son. And while Prince Charles remains heir to the throne, Her Majesty has reportedly asked Anne to work as a close adviser behind the scenes to ensure the monarchy continues to thrive.

Significantly, Anne has already taken over some of the Queen’s duties and patronages and in recent years has upped her overseas visits as a result of her mother no longer travelling abroad. In May, she went from Lady Gabriella Windsor’s wedding straight to the Household Cavalry march held in Windsor, where she wore her official ceremonial uniform. At this year’s Trooping the Colour she rode centre stage alongside her brothers as a Royal Colonel of the Household Division. She is honorary head of 27 British and Commonwealth regiments and military units.

Princess Anne

These are all clear signs of Anne’s increasing importance, and have left some wondering if the Queen wishes she’d changed succession laws sooner than 2013. Had the current laws been in place when Princess Anne was born in 1950, she would have been second in line to the throne (after Charles) for 30 years after her mother ascended to the throne in 1952, moving into third position when Charles and Princess Diana had Prince William in 1982, and then fourth following Harry’s birth in 1984.

But neither of the princes have any desire to wear the crown. Harry has said he doesn’t think anyone really wants to be king, and royal expert Andrew Morton insists William will pass on the opportunity.

“I think he will probably be the first king who voluntarily abdicates in favour of his son,” Andrew tells New Idea.

“William always refers to his position as a job. He never calls it a calling, which is significant [because it indicates] there’s
a retirement point.”

There are a lot of ‘what-ifs’ – but it’s a situation that would’ve left Anne in prime position to follow in her mother’s footsteps as Queen.

Even Princess Diana’s one-time psychic, Sally Morgan, believes Anne will continue to take on a more prominent role.

Charles and Camilla

“Next year for Princess Anne will be a year where secretly she will see more of the Queen and Prince Philip,” she reveals. “She’ll be seen with the Queen a lot more at official engagements.”

Reportedly at the core of the Queen’s decision to give more power to Anne is her dismay at Charles’ ineffectiveness at helping his brother Andrew navigate the recent media storm surrounding his involvement in the Epstein scandal. Charles, who is fed up with his brother receiving special treatment from their mother, has done little to shut down claims tearing the royal family apart.

“Andrew has always been the Queen’s favourite child and she has brushed away many of his misadventures,” royal biographer Angela Levin told New Idea. “The entire situation has been handled badly.”

It’s only strengthened the Queen’s resolve to remain on the throne. “I think we will see her have more days off but she will remain head of the monarchy until she dies,” tells Sally.

“Next year will see a lot of change for the royal family and the Queen will listen more to her grandsons, who she respects tremendously, as she tries to adapt and modernise the royal family, which on occasions will annoy Prince Charles and Camilla.”

It’s not only the Queen who thinks Anne – who is involved with more than 300 charities – would make a better monarch.

“She is a ‘take-no-prisoners’ type of person,” royal expert Marlene Koenig recently told UK newspaper The Express.

“She would be a very grounded heir to the throne.”

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