Panic at the palace: Jubilee show down!

Royal expert Phil Dampier takes us inside the drama.
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As The Queen prepares for her Platinum Jubilee in June, royal observers have been curious to know how the celebrations will pan out – who will be front and centre and who will be cast to the side. Royal expert Phil Dampier takes us inside the drama.

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Wills bans Netflix filming

When the Queen recently said that the Sussexes wouldn’t be permitted to join the working royals for a balcony appearance at her Platinum Jubilee next month, courtiers were puzzled when the couple insisted they were coming anyway.

According to insiders, Prince William is furious. “His big concern is that they are obviously filming a documentary for Netflix, and a big return to the family – whether they’re welcome or not – would prove the sort of salacious viewing Netflix is clearly looking for,” a source tells New Idea.

“Wills worries they’ll attempt to make fools of them all and ruin the Queen’s day.”

Royal expert Phil Dampier adds, “The Sussexes are playing games at the Queen’s expense and she doesn’t deserve it at 96 with her health failing.”

“The Sussexes are playing games at the Queen’s expense and she doesn’t deserve it at 96 with her health failing,” royal expert Phil Dampier says. (Credit: Getty)

Curtesy wars

Palace insiders are bracing themselves for conflict over Meghan being expected to toe the royal line when she’s back – and it’s believed the Duchess of Cambridge might fall foul of her grievances.

“Given she’s not allowed to be a part-time royal, Meghan might feel that exempts her from all the protocols,” says a source. “And given she’s not on great terms with her sister-in-law, no-one can see Meghan being deferential to Kate, especially when it comes to curtseying to [her and] those more senior than herself.

“Meghan reviled all the bowing and scraping, and she’ll feel no need to curtsy to anyone except Her Majesty herself. Palace staff are bracing themselves.”

The Queen has reportedly decreed that Prince Andrew won’t be on the balcony for her jubilee. (Credit: Getty)

Andrew banished!

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex won’t be the only social outcasts during the June long weekend event, with the Queen also decreeing that her disgraced son Prince Andrew won’t be on the balcony.

“As for Andrew, he must now realise he is finished as a working royal, at least for two or three years,” says Phil. “He might be able to take part in some events for the 40th anniversary of the Falklands War, as he took part [in it], but he can’t do royal duties.”

Andrew’s daughters, princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, along with their own families, were also surprise exclusions for the Jubilee.

“It’s hard on Bea and Eugenie – they are collateral damage,” Phil says.

“Meghan and Harry want to have their cake and eat it, [they want to be] half in, half out,” says Phil. (Credit: Getty)

Charles consulted

In her announcement that only ‘working royals’ would be present on the balcony for the Jubilee’s iconic RAF flyover this year, the Queen deftly ruled out Harry, Meghan and their kids from standing shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the family.

“She knew the speculation about whether the Sussexes were invited was beginning to overshadow the event itself, and thus was forced to act,” says a Palace insider.

Phil adds, “I’m sure she consulted Charles and William, as well as senior courtiers, and they all support the move.

“My biggest fear is that the public might [have] booed or abused [the Sussexes].”

The couple’s insistence that they are travelling to London has led to speculation they might attend a service at St Paul’s Cathedral.

“Meghan and Harry want to have their cake and eat it, [they want to be] half in, half out,” says Phil.

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Jealousy over the Cambridge kids

They might be too young to realise it, but the Cambridge kids earning a starring role in the Jubilee is ruffling family feathers.

The Palace has confirmed that, along with a balcony appearance, Kate and William’s children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, will also ride in a carriage alongside their royal cousins to mark the Jubilee at the Windsor Horse Show. The Sussexes’ children, Archie and Lilibet, will not.

“I’m sure they would be jealous of the Cambridge children being given prominence above them, but [Wills’ kids] are now much more important – they are the future,” says Phil

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