Queen told THIS crude joke after meeting royal baby

This will raise some eyebrows
royal baby nameGetty Images

The arrival of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s son Archie has been a source of joy for the royal family, with even Her Majesty the Queen displaying a broad smile upon meeting the newborn.


And while we don’t know exactly what the Queen said at the happy meeting, her Majesty allegedly responded in a very memorable way when the family welcomed Prince William into the fold.

Her son Prince Charles’ firstborn was a source of much joy, and it seems no one was more overjoyed than the Queen when she met her grandson. For surprising reasons.


According to the Daily Express, the monarch said of a newborn William: ‘Thank goodness he hasn’t ears like his father.’

While the crude joke might make some laugh, no one was chuckling over Charles’ reaction to Prince Harry’s birth. He reportedly said, “’Oh God, it’s a boy! And he’s even got red hair!’

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