Meet Queen Mary’s Australian family

Imagine their surprise when they learned that Mary was dating a Danish prince!
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When Queen Mary of Denmark was born in a quaint Tasmanian hospital in February 1972, no one could predict that she would one day sit on the throne of one of Europe’s oldest monarchies.

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After meeting her future husband, and the now King of Denmark in September 2000 during the Sydney Olympics, the trajectory of her life, and her family changed forever.

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They were thrust into the global spotlight alongside Mary as billions of eyes across the world watched the fairytale love story of a Prince falling in love with a “commoner” come to life.

John Donaldson and Susan Horwood attend Queen Mary’s 2004 wedding to King Frederik X of Denmark. (Credit: Getty)

And whilst the royal family she married into shares much of their life with the world, her family back home in Australia were left unprepared for the attention that came their way.

Over the years, Queen Mary’s extended family back home in Australia have done their best to live ordinary lives, even though they are now in-laws to the royal family of Denmark

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Queen Mary’s two older sisters Jane and Patricia. (Credit: Getty)

Who are Queen Mary’s parents?

In 1963, Queen Mary’s parents, John Dalgleish Donaldson and Henrietta Clark Donaldson were wed in their native Scotland. 

That same year, the young couple immigrated to Australia where after two years, they became Australian citizens. 

Sadly, however, in November 1997 when Mary was just 25 years old, her mother passed away after complications from a heart surgery. 

Her father went on to remarry in 2001 to British crime novelist Susan Horwood who writes under the pen name of Susan Moody.

John Donaldson and his wife Leanne at the royal wedding of the century. (Credit: Getty)

Does Queen Mary of Denmark have any siblings?

Queen Mary has two older sisters, Jane Alison Stephens, born in 1965, and Patricia Anne Bailey, born in 1968, and a younger brother, John, who was born in 1970. 

Jane shares three children with her husband Craig Stephens whilst Patricia has two children with her first husband Ken Woods and a third with an undisclosed partner. 

Lastly, John and his wife Leanne share two daughters together.

Notably, Jane and Patricia were bridesmaids alongside Mary’s longtime bestfriend Amber Petty at her 2004 nupitals. 

Queen Mary’s older sisters Jane and Patricia were bridesmaids at her wedding alongside Mary’s bestfriend Amber Petty. (Credit: Getty)

Does Queen Mary of Denmark have any nieces or nephews?

As a result of her marriage to King Frederik X of Denmark, Queen Mary is the aunt to her brother-in-law, Prince Joachim’s four children: Count Nikolai, Count Felix, Count Henrik, and Countess Athena. 

Her children, Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent, and Princess Josephine also have eight cousins spread across Australia. 

These include Janes’s son Alexander, 31, Erin, 28, and Kate, 26 who were raised in Mary’s native Tasmania, as well as Patricia’s (known as Trish by her loved ones) son Michael, 29, daughter Maddy, 28 and her 20-year-old daughter from her second marriage Maddy.

Completing the crew of cousins are John’s Perth-based daughters Cherie, 29, and Michelle, 24. 

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