Harry and William put aside their feud for The Queen’s funeral

They’ve reunited in their grief.
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The Queen’s grandsons Prince Harry and Prince William have put aside their differences for the monarch’s funeral. 

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With almost the entire royal family together for the first time since The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, there were concerns the brothers’ feud would spill into the open but it appears they’re putting on a united front for this solemn occasion.

While Prince William wore his military uniform, Harry was dressed in a traditional suit. 

The brother’s walked side-by-side, displayed little emotion and walked stiffly behind Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin. Meanwhile, King Charles and Prince Andrew were seen openly crying.

Harry and Will
Harry and William put aside their feud for now (Credit: Getty)

The Queen was one of the few people uniting the distant brothers, who have grown at odds with each other in recent years. 

Some pundits like to believe Meghan Markle is the cause of the tension however, they had been growing apart long before Meghan came on the scene. 

The loss of their mother Princess Diana made the boys close but they always had very different approaches to royal life and as they got older these differences became harder and harder to reconcile. 

When Harry met Meghan it was love at first sight and the world was ecstatic to see the young prince finally find his match.

The brothers have always been quite different
The brothers have always been quite different (Credit: Getty)

However, William reportedly let his suspicion get the better of him and tried to warn Harry against her. Understandably, Harry was devastated his brother wasn’t supportive of his relationship and the rift grew larger. 

They were able to put it aside for Harry’s wedding where William served as best man, just like Harry did when William wed Catherine, Princess of Wales. But things soured quickly. 

It didn’t help that Meghan and Kate were – much like their husbands – two very different women whom the world expected to become instant friends.

Despite unsubstantiated claims the two women can’t stand each other, the pair have no such rivalry. According to Vanity Fair, the discord exists solely between the princes.

Claims of a rivalry between Kate and Meghan are unfounded
Claims of a rivalry between Kate and Meghan are unfounded (Credit: Getty)

“Kate and Meghan are very different people and they don’t have a lot in common but they have made an effort to get along,” a source told Vanity Fair. “Any issues are between the brothers.”

Things continued to get frostier between the couples and when Harry and Meghan chose to quit royal duties in 2020, and many saw it as an irrevocable split between the brothers too. 

However, since the Queen’s passing Harry and William have been forced to spend more time together, possibly leading to a reconciliation. Harry and Meghan joined William and Kate on a walk around Windsor Castle last week to meet with mourners and see the tributes laid out for The Queen.

With Charles becoming King, the princes will be expected to support their father and putting aside their differences may be the first step to achieving that. 

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