Why the Queen prefers Meghan to Kate

She has her favourites
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Although Queen Elizabeth does her best to appear close to all her relatives, like is the way with many families, the British is Monarch is said to have her favourites. 

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According to Fabulous Digital, Her Majesty has a particular preference when it comes to her grandchildrens’ choices of partners, with a royal expert telling the publication the Queen prefers Meghan Markle to Kate Middleton.

The editor of Majesty Magazine, Ingrid Seward told Fabulous Digital: “I think the Queen and Kate have a more serious relationship as obviously Kate holds all the Queen’s hope for the future and she would not want to do anything to upset that.”

She added: “I can’t see what she would have in common with Kate apart from her royal duties.

“The common bond with Kate would be her children and I can’t imagine the Queen spending too much time talking about them; she is a very shy woman, which is why a common subject like horses is so helpful.”

queen elizabeth and kate
The Queen is more cautious with Kate. (Credit: Getty)

Where the Queen and the Duchess of Cambridge have failed to find common ground, it seems that Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, who joined the royal family when she married Prince Harry in May 2018, has created a bond with the Monarch through her more relaxed demeanour. 

“With Meghan she would tread very carefully and do her best to make her feel at home.

“They have a love of dogs in common and Meghan knows how to make her laugh,” Ingrid revealed to the publication. 

“The Queen has an acerbic wit and of course is an excellent mimic so she can be very entertaining – but she never forgets she is Queen even with her grandchildren,” she added.

meghan and the queen cheshire
Meghan and Queen Elizabeth enjoy a fun and relaxed relationship. (Credit: Getty)

According to the article, Queen Elizabeth II is close to her grandsons, Prince Harry and Prince William, although they don’t see much of each other. 

As for other members of the royal family, the Queen also enjoys the company of her granddaughter Zara Tindall and her husband Mike, who she caught up with at Royal Ascot earlier this month. 

Zara and her brother Peter Phillips were the Queen’s first grandchildren, so they will always be her “favourites”, said Ingrid. 

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