Queen’s bombshell announcement: It’s all over!

The monarch makes a heartbreaking choice
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Buckingham Palace staff have been instructed to draw up complicated legal documents ahead of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s official 12-month review of their Megxit plans – and it’s not looking good for the runaway royals.

WATCH: Queen finally puts foot down with Harry and Meghan

Sources tell New Idea that after a string of “appalling actions” that left the Queen “deeply disappointed in Prince Harry”, she’s ready to cut ties altogether.

Despite Harry, 36, and Meghan, 39, promising to undertake activities that uphold Her Majesty’s values when they announced they were leaving the UK and striking out on their own in America, the Queen feels “nothing could be further from the truth”.

Queen Megxit decision Harry and Meghan
Rumour has it the Queen (pictured) is “deeply disappointed in Prince Harry”. (Credit: Getty)

Since then, the Sussexes have signed a $200m deal with Netflix, despite its TV series, The Crown, damaging the royal family almost irreversibly. They’ve also supported the Democrats in the US election and signed a deal with Spotify to talk about personal issues on a podcast.

So unimpressed by their actions, it was recently revealed the Queen blocked Harry’s request to have a wreath laid in the UK on his behalf last Remembrance Day. Her decision took “all of two seconds”, says an insider.

Harry hit back by launching the Sussexes’ website, Archewell. It pays tribute to both his wife and late mother, Diana, but snubs the father and grandmother who raised him.

“That hurt her most of all,” says a source. “The Queen has bent over backwards since Harry was small to help him find his place in the family, only to be deserted and snubbed. If he wants to choose this Hollywood life with Meghan, fine, but he can’t have it both ways. Harry has indicated he wants more responsibility, but she will not be pushed into anything she’s not comfortable with.”

Harry and Meghan megixt queen
Harry (right) and Meghan’s (left) official 12-month review of their Megxit plans is coming up. (Credit: Getty)

In fact, aides think the pendulum will swing the other way. Harry could be banned from being royal at all and possibly lose his allowances, property, access to the palaces and even his Dukedom!

“It won’t be an easy fight, so I’m sure she has watertight legal advice,” continues the source.

And it seems the British public will be in full support of their Queen’s decision. Last week, a Good Morning Britain poll revealed that 72 per cent of 53,600 voters are in favour of the Sussexes being stripped of their titles.

“There’s a real fury from the public at Harry selling out and becoming Meghan’s Hollywood handbag.”

Indeed, Harry’s biographer Angela Levin, in a searing op-ed in London’s Sunday Telegraph, reports: “[While he] might have balked at being the spare [to William], he seems to have accepted coming second to Meghan.”

Angela Levin
Angela Levin (pictured) claims Harry has accepted coming second to Meghan. (Credit: Royal Rota ITV)

Levin claims Harry, 36, has “discarded life as an action man” to become an “airy fairy do-gooder with a woke West Coast life”.

But perhaps most damning of all in the British public’s eyes, were Harry’s own words, unearthed by Levin and published in the Sunday Telegraph, in which he once said that he, Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, “are royal, we are not celebrities and will not go down the celebrity route”.

Adds the source: “It’s humiliating for Harry to have all this wheeled out. At first it was out of concern, but now a tide of anger is turning on him for abandoning his country to become this person who is merely famous for being famous. I don’t blame the Queen if she boots them out for good.”

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