Queen Elizabeth makes cheeky joke about sitting cross-legged

"It's quite painful."

Queen Elizabeth has joked about struggling to sit cross-legged for long periods of time on her 1953 visit to Tonga, admitting in the new royal documentary Queen of the World. 

The new series, airing on Channel Seven on October 2, explores Her Majesty’s role as head of the Commonwealth as she passes the baton to the younger members of the royal family. 

In the 2-part series, the Queen reflects on her visit as a 27-year-old newly anointed monarch, and recalls finding it difficult to sit cross-legged, as it is custom in Tonga. 

“It’s quite painful for people who are not built in the same direction,” the Queen jokes during a meeting with Elizabeth Kite, a women’s activist from Tonga and a winner of a Queen’s Young Leaders Award. 

The Queen also recalls the sound of nose flutes being played outside her window on the visit, which she describes as “just the most extraordinary thing.”

(Credit: Getty)

Queen Elizabeth was welcomed to Tonga in 1953 by Queen Salonte, who held a great open-air feast in her honour. 

Her Majesty tells: “I haven’t met the new King [of Tonga]. 

“But, you see, I haven’t been for such a long time. I’ve met an awful lot of people.” 


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