The Queen bans Prince George’s favourite food

It's not allowed inside the palace!
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Among the many rules the royals have to swallow, none must be more difficult for a seven-year-old to stomach than those restrictions placed on meals.

Despite having the ability to whip up any dish under the sun, the Queen is very selective when it comes to letting food into Buckingham Palace. And none is more affected by Her Majesty’s strictness than little Prince George.

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From garlic to potatoes to rice to prawns, the Queen is said to have banned many foods from the royals’ London headquarters. 

But when it comes to Prince William’s eldest son, one prohibited dish just happens to be his favourite, and that’s pasta.  

The Queen (pictured) has been said to have banned pasta from Buckingham Palace. (Credit: Getty)

Speaking to Femail, celebrity chef Aldo Zilli revealed that the seven-year-old’s favourite dish is not nuggets and chips – but spaghetti carbonara.

“I’m waiting for the call because apparently (William’s) little boy’s favourite is spaghetti carbonara, so I’m waiting for the call to go and cook it for him,” the chef said.

“If George has my carbonara, he will never have another one, so I need to go and make it, let’s get the ball rolling, send me to the palace to cook!”

And, considering Zilli and the Duke of Cambridge know each other, a call is not out of the realm of possibility. 

prince william and aldo zilli
Celebrity chef Aldo Zilli (left) and the Duke of Cambridge (right) attended Centrepoint’s 50th anniversary gala last year. (Credit: Instagram)

After meeting the Prince at multiple events for the youth homelessness charity Centrepoint, the chef had nothing but praises to sing for the future King.

“He’ll come over to you,” the chef explained, “he knows everything and everyone.

“That’s what I like about people like that, before they come over to you they make sure they know you are and what you do for a living, it’s a very intelligent thing to do.”

Though, while Zilli is keen to head into Kensington Palace and whip up some delectable spaghetti for the youngster, Her Majesty might not be so thrilled by the idea.

prince george
George’s (pictured) favourite dish, spaghetti carbonara, isn’t allowed in Buckingham Palace. (Credit: Getty)

A former personal chef of the monarch’s, Darren McGrady, has revealed that the 94-year-old has a strict ‘no pasta’ rule in the palace.

Speaking to Recipes Plus, McGrady claimed that Her Royal Highness finds foods such as pasta, rice and potatoes overly starchy for her liking, meaning she has removed them all from the palace menu.

Apparently, the Queen prefers grilled fish and chicken coupled with lots of fresh vegetables. Somehow, we don’t think this combination will fly with little George.

For the Prince’s sake, let’s hope that the Duke of Cambridge doesn’t follow in his grandmother’s footsteps and place a pasta embargo on Kensington Palace. 

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