Reign over? New details of Queen’s plan to step down

The passing of the crown has already begun!
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With rumours rife that the Queen’s 95th birthday will mark the end of her rule, new information has come to light which indicates that the passing of the crown may be happening sooner rather than later.  

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Towards the end of last year, the palace issued an official statement  to assure the public that, despite rumours, Her Majesty is here to stay.

“There are no plans for any change in arrangements at the age of 95 – or any other age,” the statement read.

However, the words did little to quell the whispers. And now, a report from Express has revealed the many signs that the Queen’s son is right on the brink of inheriting the crown. 

queen elizabeth
Is the Queen’s (pictured) reign coming to an end? (Credit: Getty)

Appearing on Tv2000, royal correspondent Luisa Ciuni claimed that Her Majesty’s longevity on the throne has been largely due to the team around her.

“The Queen, given her age, can continue to do this job mainly because she has a very strong family staff,” Ciuni said.

The correspondent went on to suggest that the Queen’s son and grandson are quickly gaining responsibilities that once belonged to their mother and grandmother respectively. 

“Part of her office work is now done by Prince Charles, to whom the regency will go sooner or later… The role of Prince Charles has shifted to his son, William, and his wife. But she does everything else.”

Prince charles
Prince Charles (pictured) is allegedly inheriting an increasing number of duties from his mother, the Queen. (Credit: Getty)

Earlier this year, royal author Ingrid Seward, who penned the novel Prince Philip Revealed, indicated that the pandemic may be one of the reasons the Queen appears to be scaling back on her royal duties. 

“What we’ve seen during COVID is the gradual handing over of duties,” Seward told New Idea Royals.

“We have seen her on Zoom meetings and videos but we haven’t seen as much of her as we (normally) would.”

However, the author remains adamant that, despite word around the palace, Her Majesty is keeping a tight hold on the crown.

William and Kate
Prince William (left) and his wife, Duchess Kate (right) are to be King and Queen Consort respectively after Prince Charles and his wife Camilla’s reign is over. (Credit: Getty)

“She won’t step down,” Seward ardently told New Idea Royals, “When she took her coronation vows, she did so in the eyes of God.”

The author continued, “She was crowned Queen as long as she was fit and able to be queen. Of course, she is still fit and able to be queen.”

Nevertheless, when the time does come that the Queen’s rule ends, as Luisa Ciuni aptly observed, “replacing her will be very difficult, replacing her in the hearts of the people will be impossible.”

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