Princess Mary’s path to the Danish throne in pictures

New Idea remembers the milestone moments as Mary went from Aussie to Queen.
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It’s almost 24 years since an ordinary Aussie girl met an undercover Danish prince in a bustling Sydney pub.

Since then, life has changed dramatically for the woman who was Mary Donaldson…

WATCH NOW: Princess Mary’s children make fun of her Australian accent. Article continues after video. 

After their first meeting in the Slip Inn during the Sydney Olympics in 2000, Mary and Frederik struck up a long-distance relationship, with the Danish prince making several clandestine trips Down Under in 2001.

But once their love was made public at the end of that year, Mary moved to Denmark and quickly learned Danish, endearing her to the locals.

Mary embraced life in Copenhagen – but she became even more beloved when their engagement was announced in October 2003.

The pair wed at Copenhagen Cathedral on May 14, 2004 – and welcomed their first child Prince Christian on October 15, 2005. Mary and Frederik then had Isabella in 2007 and twins Vincent and Josephine in 2011.

Now, Mary embarks on a new journey – as the Aussie Queen of Denmark!

Take a trip down memory lane with New Idea as we trace Mary’s journey to the throne in pictures. 

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Mary was 28 when she met a man who was introduced as ‘Fred.’

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Frederik and girlfriend Mary attend a wedding in Copenhagen. 

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On October 8, the couple announced their engagement. 

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The new Crown Princess Mary carried eucalyptus leaves in her bridal bouquet. 

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Prince Christian was christened in Copenhagen on May 15. 

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Mary and Frederik took their four young children on an official royal tour of Greenland.

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The now Princess of Wales and Mary share a close bond. 

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Mary and Frederik celebrated Prince Christian’s 18th birthday with a lavish gala at Christiansborg Palace.


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