Princess Mary makes EPIC face during Donald Trump speech

The Australian-born royal's body language says it all

On September 25, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark joined the audience at the UN General Assembly in New York to watch Donald Trump’s speech.

The royal sat one seat away from the US President’s wife Melania Trump and appeared to look unimpressed.

Sitting with her arms folded in front of her, Mary listened as Trump made his speech which drew laughter from the audience.

Trump addressed the audience saying, “In less than two years, my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country,” and, “America’s so true.”

The crowd burst into laughter which prompted the President to chuckle and respond with, “I didn’t expect that reaction but that’s okay.”

(Credit: Robin Utrecht/ABACAPRESS.COM)

As Mary sat in the audience wearing a navy blue jacket over the top of a floral print dress, she tilted her head back and looked unimpressed. 

At one point she crossed her arms.

(Credit: Robin Utrecht/ABACAPRESS.COM)

Her body language continued to display an air of boredom while the audience around her continued to react to Trump’s speech with blank stares, head-shaking, and bouts of random laughter.

(Credit: Robin Utrecht/ABACAPRESS.COM)

At times, Mary was spotted looking down at the floor during the speech.

The US President added in his speech that “America will always choose independence and co-operation over global governance, control and dominance,” and asked that other countries respect one another’s sovereignty.  

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