US tabloid unmasks ‘man who killed Diana’

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US tabloid The National Enquirer has published a report that purportedly shows the man responsible for Princess Diana’s tragic death.

Diana died when the car she was travelling in slammed into a concrete pillar in the Pont de l’Ama tunnel in Paris on August 31st, 1997.

The publication reports a ‘terrified taxi driver’ has broken his silence 22 years after her death, saying his taxi clipped Diana’s Mercedes just before it crashed.

The National Enquirer front page
(Credit: National Enquirer)

Investigative journalist Colin McLaren tracked down Le Van Thanh for a documentary around the tragedy that claimed the lives of 36-year-old Diana, her lover Dodi Fayed, 42, and limo driver Henri Paul, 41.

“He told me ‘I was driving the Uno and Diana’s car smashed into me’” McLaren revealed.

“It was a coverup for the protection of a French national,” added McLaren, “The police had worked it out but just didn’t want to give this information to the public. They didn’t want to be seen or known forever that one of their own, a French person, caused the death of Lady Diana”

Princess Diana
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“They kept it off their official report so it never existed in the public record”

The journalist also revealed that Van Thanh has been reluctant to say more because “it will cause too many complications”.

“He told me ‘I don’t want to say exactly what happened,” said McLaren, adding: “It would cause too many complications. The police have been involved and so have many other powerful people.”

Only one person inside the Mercedes survived: Trevor Rees-Jones. He was Mr al Fayed’s bodyguard. 

McLaren claims Rees-Jones helped track down the taxi driver. 

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