Princess Diana’s best friend shares never-before-seen picture

She looks so carefree!

One of Princess Diana of Wales’ closest friends, Rosa Monckton, has taken to Twitter to share a never-before-seen photo of the princess to commemorate the 21st anniversary of her death. 

Taking to Twitter, Monckton wrote: ‘Diana as I remember her. Not enough is written about her sense of fun and zest for life. Friend and wonderful godmother to Domenica. RIP.’

Monckton was a close friend to the late Princess of Wales.

Diana was also the godmother to Monckton’s daughter, Domenica, who was born with Down syndrome in 1995.

Monckton has revealed that Diana always provided the ultimate support to Monckton and her daughter, attending medical appointments and always remaining by their sides.

Speaking to PEOPLE in 2016, Monckton said, ‘[Diana] said, ‘Believe in her, love her and I’ll be there every step of the way.’ She already had that vision of what Domenica could become, which I simply couldn’t see.’ 

Diana and Rosa Monckton met through a mutual friend. (Credit: Getty)

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