Prince William ‘steals the throne from Charles!’

A US report claims a major drama in the royal succession
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A US report has claimed that Prince William has ‘seized the throne’ from his father Prince Charles.


According to the National Enquirer, the Queen has decided to hand her duties over to grandson William to ‘save the monarchy’.

“Her Majesty intends to abdicate before year’s end and recognised a bold move was needed to save the family, which was being torn apart by vicious in- fighting,” a source told the publication.

Prince Charles
(Credit: PA)

“The gloves came off as Charles launched a back-stabbing war against his son,” a high-level royal insider spilled. Now 70, he’s been king-in- waiting for over six decades. He’s been pushing his mother to declare him her successor, telling Her Majesty William is too young and inexperienced!” they continued.

“But his plot backfired. In a shocking showdown at Buckingham Palace, Elizabeth told her oldest child he is OUT, and that William will be Britain’s next king! Charles was irate! ‘Being king is my right!’ he yelled. ‘You cannot deprive me!’

According to the bizarre report Her Majesty wouldn’t budge. “She said William is everything Charles isn’t, and that Kate is even more popular than her husband. She said only the young royals can ensure the future of the monarchy. Then William declared his own father unfit to rule!”

The palace are yet to respond to the outlandish claims.

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