Expert says the body language between Prince William and Princess Kate has ‘intensified’

“A new era of PDAs”
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Just days ago, the Prince and Princess of Wales appeared at the Copper Box Arena in London to celebrate Coach Core’s 10th anniversary.

As the royal couple arrived, Kate Middleton placed her hand on Prince William’s back; a subtle gesture that according to professional body language expert, Judi James, speaks volumes.

Prince William and Princess Kate
Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales lovingly touched her husband’s back at a recent event. (Image: Getty)
Talking to Express about Kate’s touch, the expert said, “The body language displays from William and Kate today seem to have launched a new era of PDAs from the pair, who seem keen to signal their move up to direct heirs to the throne and to the title of Prince and Princess of Wales is not going to make their body language more formal or less natural and revealing, in fact quite the opposite.”
“This is the couple signalling they want to be viewed as a strong and very loving team, both professionally and privately.”
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Judi also claimed that, “By slightly intensifying her touches and her non-verbal signals of loving appreciation, Kate also lets us know that there is no change in the status levels between them either.”
Comparing Kate and William to King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla, Judi spoke about the Princess of Wales touching her husband’s back in further detail.
Prince William and Princess Kate
A body language expert claims Kate’s small gesture has “launched a new era of PDAs from the pair”. (Image: Getty)
“While Camilla tends to walk slightly behind Charles, watching and waiting for him to instigate the choreography, Kate shows a much more even-handed approach, where she is the one chatting a little more and placing an affectionate hand on William’s back in a subtle gesture of dominance rather than the other way round,” she said.
“Her hand is seen in two spots on William’s back, too, suggesting this isn’t a gesture that only lasted a short moment.”
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“In one pose she has her hand between his shoulder blades, with the fingertips in proper contact, and in the other pose the hand is in the middle of his back, nearer the waist as she talks to their hosts,” Judi concluded.
The Royal Foundation launched the Coach Core programme in 2012 and today, it supports and provides young people aged 16-24, who are not studying or employed, with an inclusive and impactful sports coaching apprenticeship.

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