Prince William and Prince Harry have tense run-in at Frogmore Cottage

It looks like the brothers won’t be reconciling anytime soon…
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After King Charles unceremoniously evicted the Duke and Duchess of Sussex from their Frogmore Cottage home, it was hard to picture Prince Harry setting foot on Windsor Castle’s grounds again.

Even more so that his “arch nemesis” big brother Prince William had moved just a 10-minute stroll down the garden path at Adelaide Cottage.

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But New Idea can reveal that last week, Harry, 38, secretly returned to the marital home he renovated with Meghan when he made a surprise appearance at a London pre-trial legal hearing over alleged phone hacking by the Daily Mail newspaper.

“No-one knew Harry was coming – except for Charles and William, who were told last minute,” says a well-placed source. “As Harry’s lease on Frogmore isn’t technically up until after the coronation, they couldn’t stop him turning up on palace property.”

While it was reported that William, 40, and his family had decamped to Anmer Hall in Norfolk for the kids’ Easter school holidays, one insider reveals that Harry and William “did come face to face” for a brief but tense encounter in the gardens.

“Rumour has it they were both out taking a stroll,” says the source.

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“Harry had just got off his flight from America and was out stretching his legs when they ran into each other.”

It’s believed the last time the brothers were together in the historic gardens, where centuries’ worth of royal relatives are buried, was during a fiery confrontation between Harry, William and their father after Prince Philip’s 2021 funeral.

In his book Spare, Harry recalls arguing with William over why he and Meghan had fled to the US, with Charles apparently moaning, “Don’t make my final years a misery, boys!”

This time, Charles was nowhere to be seen, leaving Diana’s two sons to face off in private.

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“When Harry saw William, his heart would have dropped,” says a source.

“He has been very open about suffering from anxiety during tricky conversations with his family. But apparently he steeled himself, and went over to exchange pleasantries. The word, somewhat surprisingly, is that Harry wanted to clear the air a bit before Charles’ coronation, which he is currently considering attending.”

As for whether William was willing to hear Harry out – sources aren’t so sure.

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“William has made it very clear among his friends that he’s done with Harry,” says a source.

“The book was the final straw, and there’s no doubt that if he caught up with Harry at Frogmore, the younger Wales would’ve been sent away with a flea in his ear – perhaps that’s why he had a face like thunder at the High Court last week!”

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