Wills tells Harry: Mum wouldn’t want this!

Is the brothers' relationship now beyond repair?
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If the royal family thought the furore over Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s biography was bad, they’re coming to terms with the grim reality that the Sussexes new $150 million deal with Netflix could well be much, much worse.

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After it was announced last week that the Duke and Duchess have signed on the dotted line for a multi-project deal with the international streaming giant, they promptly repaid the Sovereign Grant for renovations completed on Frogmore House before they made their decision to ditch the UK for America.

Prince William and Prince Harry
Prince Harry (left) and Princ William’s (right) feud shows no signs of slowing down. (Credit: Getty)

And now, sources tell New Idea that Prince William is worried the pair are planning on using the platform to release a documentary about his mother.

“When she was in England, Meghan often said she’d love to do a documentary about Princess Diana’s life,” says a source.

“William always tried to deflect the idea. He and Harry have done a few interviews about her, and he feels that everything that should be made public has been put out there by her own sons. Meghan was quite offended by that notion – and now William fears she’ll go rogue and do it anyway, only this time she’ll have hundreds of millions of Netflix dollars at her disposal to do whatever she wants.”

Princess Diana and kids
Princess Diana with Will and Harry in 1995. (Credit: Getty)

The source continues: “That Frogmore debt was her last formal tie to the family. She has an axe to grind, is certainly not William’s biggest fan, and Harry is powerless to stop her once she gets an idea in her head.”

Adds a separate, LA-based insider: “Netflix don’t care if Harry and Meghan become multimillionaires from this deal – because it means their programs are making serious bucks. They’ve virtually offered them a blank cheque. Meghan’s given them a wish list of the sorts of shows and movies she’d like to make, and rumour has it Diana’s name has come up more than once.”

With this very real threat hanging over his head, we’re told William, 38, is considering his options.

Harry and Meghan
Harry and Meghan have wasted no time since stepping back from their Royal duties, entering a $150 million deal with Netflix. (Credit: Getty)

“There’s not a lot he can do to stop the Sussexes making a documentary about Diana, but he can injunct them at every turn to make it difficult,” says a source.

“His team has advised him to focus on intellectual property – as Diana’s heir, he technically has rights over her letters, tapes, that kind of thing. Meghan and Harry both know all too well that Wills hasn’t been Netflix’s biggest fans since it dragged skeletons out of the closet in The Crown.

“He would have thought Harry had similar qualms – but if Meghan wants her name in lights, she obviously helped him get past that personal conflict.”

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