Princess Mary’s COVID Christmas plans revealed

The Danish royals are mixing it up this year
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With COVID-19 placing a dark cloud over what should be a merry season, holiday plans are in question for everyone, not least when it comes to the booked and busy royal family.

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After cancelling the traditional New Year’s banquet early in October, all eyes have been on the Danish royals to see how they will be spending Christmas amid the pandemic.

In an official statement released on Wednesday, the family has finally revealed their holiday plans.

Princess Mary
Due to COVID-19, Princess Mary will be unable to visit her birth-country, Australia, this Christmas. (Credit: Getty)

The statement, in its English translation, read:

“HM The Queen this year celebrate Christmas at Schackenborg Castle together with DKH Prince Joachim and Princess Marie and DH Prince Nikolai, Prince Felix, Prince Henrik and Princess Athena.”

It continued, “The Crown Prince and Crown Princess will, together with their four children, DKH Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine, celebrate Christmas in Frederik VII’s Palace at Amalienborg.”

This will be the first year since Queen Margrethe took the throne in 1972 that the Danish royals will not be spending Christmas at Marselisborg Palace.  

Danish royals
In 2013, the Crown Prince and Crown Princess took their four children – Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine – on a skiing holiday in Switzerland. (Credit: Getty)

The Crown Prince and Crown Princess have been particularly affected by the virus, with the wife of Frederik reportedly heartbroken that she won’t be able to visit her birth country these holidays.

Royal author, Phil Dampier, explained how, “It would be impossible for (Mary) to travel down under or for her family to leave Australia in the current crisis.”

The author continued, “I’m sure that Mary is heartbroken that she can’t see her family this Christmas.”

And it’s not just the merry season that has been royally disrupted.

Queen Margrethe
Queen Margrethe celebrated her 80th birthday this April. However, due to COVID-19, celebrations were much different than previous years. (Credit: Getty)

In April of this year, the Queen celebrated her 80th birthday. It was an occasion that, in usual circumstances, would have warranted a fanfare. However, due to the virus, the festivities were called off.

During the would-be celebrations, the Queen called for the flurry of flower bouquets she would usually receive from the adoring public to be redirected.

“This year, the Queen is calling for a bouquet to be sent to one of the many senior citizens who are facing particular difficulties during this time,” read a statement from the palace.

As the royals’ engagements continue to be thwarted by the virus, Phil Dampier perhaps put it best when he said, “the pandemic is a great leveller and being rich or a royal doesn’t protect you from its impact.”

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