What Harry’s hand-on-heart move REALLY means

According to a body language expert

Prince Harry has certainly shown his protective side to his pregnant wife Meghan Markle throughout the Royal Tour.

And on October 24 as the couple attended their engagements in Fiji, Prince Harry was seen protectively holding Meghan’s hand.

The Duke was seen placing his hand on his heart at one stage and New Idea spoke to body language expert Louise Mahler about what this could potentially mean.

“Look at Harry, how he protects her and has the back of his hand towards us,” says Louise.

“He is holding her back to protect her, but look how she peeks out around him.

Harry’s hand is on his heart to show his gratitude,” she adds.  

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“People have been fabulously welcoming and he appreciates it.”

Things took a dramatic turn when the couple arrived at the markets in Suva, however.

Meghan arrived to cheers and whoops of delight at Suva Municipal Market.

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But the duchess’s visit was cut short due to a “security risk”.

Meghan’s visit to the Suva Municipal Market should have lasted around 20 minutes.

But it was cut short to just over five minutes due to a “security risk”, Kensington Palace said.

It is thought the crowds combined with the hot atmosphere may have played a part in the decision to rush the pregnant royal from the scene.

Meghan was flanked by security and her personal protection officer throughout the visit to the hot and humid indoor market.

Kensington Palace blamed large crowds for her premature departure.

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