Frederik and Mary’s big interview: Our first day as King and Queen

The prince's amazing birthday news!

For years they have been preparing themselves for this moment.

Now, in a rare interview, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary open up about their new role as the king and queen of Denmark.

Keen to uphold their strong family values as they take Denmark into an exciting new era, the royal couple have revealed to Danish magazine Billed-Bladet that their marriage will be the bedrock of their monarchy.

Revealing he feared he would never find the perfect queen to stand by his side – ‘especially in the young years’ – Frederik says Mary, 46, is his dream come true.

‘Finding the right woman and getting married and having the children that I have now, it was something I could only dream of back then. For that dream to come true is what I appreciate the very most,’ he says. 

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With his wife taking to her royal duties with gusto, Frederik, 50, says he remains constantly in awe of Mary.

‘The crown princess wants to do better all the time. I’m very proud of that attitude, and her achievements in general,’ he says.

Although the couple have done amazing things with their philanthropic work, Frederik says he is most proud of the family they have built together and the values they have instilled in their children – values that his grandparents and parents passed on to the next generation.

‘They have made a foundation, which I now pass on to my own children. My wife does the same,’ he says. ‘She comes from an entirely different background and it’s fantastic to be able to mix our values – and like Lego, brick by brick – building a healthy set of values for our own children.

‘The crown princess and I fully agree on what’s in store for the children, both now and in the future.’

And while the couple stick to their old-fashioned values, Frederik is keen to point out that they are very much a modern family and explains that his upbringing was very different to that of his children.

‘Life’s amazing right now. We must cherish every day that we are all happy. We must remember to think or say: “Hey, this is great!”’ he says.

‘To us it’s a source of daily joy to be able to share as much time with our children as possible. And we take turns bringing them to school and picking them up. It makes them feel like any other child.

However, we are also aware of the fact that we have to tell them that their lives will be different than those of their school friends.’

And it is this balance between traditional values and modern thinking that Frederik and Mary plan to bring to their new roles.

‘I still have new dreams to work on and want to do lots of good things in life,’ says Fred.

‘I have made my own path, because I have been able to, during my adult life. I have chopped my own way through the woods instead of taking the path already there.’

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Now, the couple are planning to shake up the monarchy.

‘My generation was told to be a bit reserved and we have been more moderate than later generations. Things run faster today than earlier,’ he says.

‘Back then, demands were not so high and that’s a challenge for the young today.’

As for whether their love will withstand royal demands, Frederik says the couple have built a strong relationship.

‘The love and the freedom to dare be yourself in the relationship is important all through your life,’ he says.

‘It will then be filled with good moments and times during which you surprise one another and add to all the good you have created together. Doing something unexpected from time to time can create joy in the relationship.’

When asked what kind of man Frederik was, Mary says: ‘The most wonderful man in the world.’

Welcomed by the Danish public, Frederik and Mary will no doubt be much loved in their roles as king and queen.

‘It’s…overwhelming for the crown princess and myself to be received with such positivity,’ Fred says.

‘We are very grateful for that and we would like to give as much back as possible.’

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