Prince Charles and Sarah Ferguson were romantically involved

A palace insider has sensationally claimed.
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Prince Charles and Sarah Ferguson have been close friends for decades, but a royal insider has sensationally claimed that the pair were once romantically involved.

The source spilled to New Idea, ‘Fergie and Charles were incredibly close before her relationship with Prince Andrew started, and it’s been a closely-guarded secret for decades that they had a wild fling.’

Palace insiders add that if circumstances were different, the two may have made a perfect royal couple. 

‘The truth is that Fergie is absolutely someone Charles could have married.

‘He’s always loved her cheekiness and fun, and back in the day she really reminded him of Camilla – a woman he wasn’t allowed to marry.’

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One palace insider said, ‘Fergie was always rumoured to be meeting up in private with Prince Charles – always in secret parts of the palace and the palace grounds.’

‘While many have said that they were just friends and nothing scandalous happened, there were many royal insiders and palace aides at the time who believed the pair were enjoying a romance.

‘And seeing as both of them were single, no-one really cared.’

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Prince Charles was even noticeably by the former Duchess of York’s side when she was embroiled in a series of sex and financial scandals. 

‘When ‘toe-sucking gate’ happened, Charles was fighting in her corner.

‘And more recently, it was Charles who convinced The Queen to allow Fergie to attend Meghan and Harry’s wedding and even invite her to visit Balmoral for the summer.’

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