Prince Charles leaves Camilla Parker-Bowles in money scandal

Not good.

Prince Charles left love Camilla Parker-Bowles in a terrible money scandal following the death of Princess Diana, it’s been reported. 

According to reports, Camilla used her divorce settlement to buy Ray Mill, a large home, but had substantial losses at Lloyds after two syndicates failed in which she had invested money. 

The Prince of Wales, who received an annual income of £12 million ($22 million) from Duchesss of Cornwall revenues, had given most of his money to Diana as a divorce settlement and borrowed from the bank to do this. But Charles could not afford to let it be known that the woman whose reputation he had ruined was in debt due to a divorce in which he was implicated.

Charles reportedly came to the aid of Camilla and paid the duchesses bills.

Many palace officials were furious when they heard of the news. 


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