WATCH: Camilla helps baffled Charles cut birthday cake

Hilarious spectacle caught on camera
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Last week Prince Charles celebrated his 70th birthday with a string of celebrations.

The heir to the British throne cut his fair share of cakes to mark the occasion so you’d think the royal would have his cake-cutting skills down pat.

Camilla helps Prince Charles cut his cake
(Credit: Getty)

However a hilarious video has emerged of Prince Charles struggling to cut the cake made for him at The Sun’s tea party thrown for him last Wednesday.

In the video above he is shown asking his wife Camilla how he should attack the huge white cake.

“This way?” he is heard asking.

“No that way” Camilla directs him.

The crowd watching on, which included 70 British residents who also celebrated their 70th birthday today, chuckled as the married couple cut the cake together.

We can forgive Prince Charles for this one.

After all, as a royal, there’s probably someone hired especially to cut his cake for him!

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