Camilla banished from the palace

Inside the royals shock new divorce crisis!

It was meant to be the royal family’s biggest night of the year – the historic celebration of the Queen and Prince Philip’s 70th wedding anniversary. 

But sources tell New Idea festivities were marred by Camilla’s ‘disrespectful’ behaviour and ‘fiery’ rants, which resulted in Her Majesty banishing her daughter-in-law from the event – and the palace!

It’s the latest scandal to shake up Prince Charles and Camilla’s rocky marriage, which has been on the edge of a $1 billion divorce for months. It’s now believed
the Queen has asked her son to split from Camilla, 70 – a decision that Charles, 69, reportedly understands.

‘Camilla really crossed a line at the Queen and Prince Philip’s party and created quite the scene,’ says a top palace source. ‘The Queen was not backward in telling Charles that she’s sick of Camilla’s antics and wants her gone from his life and the palace.

‘There’s been so much bad news lately – Charles’ woeful approval ratings and the big tax evasion enquiry surrounding his estate. And the Queen blames the duchess for all of it.


‘And Camilla’s disrespectful behaviour at the 70th wedding anniversary – which was meant to be a night where they put all the recent troubles behind them to celebrate this historic milestone – ruined it. The Queen will never forgive her for that, and she immediately instructed Charles to talk to palace lawyers.

‘She knows that Camilla becoming Queen will all but kill the monarchy – especially when Charles’ marriage to her is in such trouble. She’s putting a stop to all of it now, and Charles is completely on board.’

Rumours of trouble at the party last Monday first emerged when Charles and Camilla uncharacteristically arrived at Windsor Castle separately.

But celebrations really hit a snag when Camilla apparently became enraged by her husband’s supposed flirting with MC Joanna Lumley. Witnesses say Charles seemed ‘besotted’ with the Absolutely Fabulous star, spending much of the evening chatting and laughing with her.

The display shocked many royals – including Princess Kate, who’s had her share of troubles over the years with Camilla.


‘Camilla created quite a scene, accusing Charles of flirting with Joanna and making a mockery of their marriage,’ says an insider. ‘She was not happy at all – and made no secret of it. Charles and the Queen were absolutely mortified.

‘Wills and Kate were also appalled. Kate couldn’t believe such a senior royal could act so poorly at the Queen’s big night. It was completely shocking to her.’

The Queen was also said to be unhappy Camilla forgot the names of several dignitaries as she worked the room, and she chatted and laughed through some of the speeches.

The next day, Camilla was seen at Buckingham Palace drinking water from a wine glass – leading some to wonder if she’d had a little too much wine, which could have prompted her outrageous behaviour.


‘The Queen thought she behaved very disrespectfully,’ says the insider, ‘like she was mocking their anniversary and she took it very personally. She wasn’t having any of it.’

It’s the latest drama in Charles and Camilla’s marriage, which has been ‘incredibly strained’ in recent months. It’s believed the couple have spent most of 2017 living apart: Camilla at her home at Ray Mill, and Charles at Clarence House. 

It’s also claimed the Queen is blaming Camilla for her role in a recent tax investigation into the royal family, which has been damaging to the monarchy.

‘There are rumours Camilla started blabbing about the royal family’s offshore accounts… and people wonder if that’s how the press got hold of it,’ says a source.

‘At the end of the day, Charles and Camilla have been unhappy for over a year – as well as living apart, all the negative attention from the 20th anniversary of Diana’s death really tore them apart. Camilla felt like the “other woman” and the ‘evil mistress’.

‘They’ve been staring down the barrel of a divorce, and now it looks to be happening.’

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