Prince Andrew caught slapping Sarah Ferguson’s behind in cheeky clip

'You naughty boy!'

Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew made headlines last week after a never-before-seen clip from their wedding day showed the Duchess of York giving her groom a cheeky wink through her veil. 

Now, in an even more unprecedented display of affection, an unearthed clip of the former couple shows Prince Andrew giving Fergie a slap on the bum, to which she replies, ‘You naughty boy.’ 

The clip, the couple are presumably filming for a royal documentary or film.

Taken in the lead-up to their wedding, the couple are seen strolling through a garden.

Fergie bursts into laughter, and Prince Andrew calls her back to their initial position to take the shot. 

When Fergie returns to her original spot, the cheeky royal gives the duchess a tap on her low back, leaving her speechless. 

You can see the cheeky moment by watching the below clip, at the 1:20 mark. 

The two then burst into fits of laughter, with Fergie telling the camera crew: ‘I don’t like him today.’ 

The newly surfaced clip, which took place in the lead-up to their 196 wedding, the pair were also filmed joking around while looking at a dining set Fergie said were ‘really nice.’ 

In the video, the pair chat in front of the china sets and appear to be choosing from the, 

Fergie says, ‘These are very nice for dinner if we have nice people to dinner. 

They are extra, they are for me, because I like them.’ 

(Credit: Getty)

The couple continue browsing, surrounded by precious china and porcelains. Prince Andrew then looks ‘confused’ when Sarah mentions a particular restaurant the two had previously dined at.

Sarah attempts to help the royal remember the particular restaurant, before he bursts out laughing, clearly making his future bride also laugh. 

‘You naught boy,’ she calls him. 

Sarah and Andrew’s marriage lasted for ten years before they decided to separate. 

Recently, the two have been spending more time together while they prepare for their youngest daughter’s wedding. 

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