US report: Pippa Middleton ‘incredibly jealous’ over Kate’s bond with Meghan

Royally replaced!

The Duchess of Cambridge and Duchess of Sussex have grown a strong bond since the pair have become the ‘Royal Four’ alongside husbands Prince William and Prince Harry.

Radar reports that Kate’s sister Pippa has become “incredibly jealous” over the pair’s growing relationship. 

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“Meghan is turning to Kate for everything related to her pregnancy right now and Kate loves it because she is a very hands-on mother. She knows that Meghan wants to be too.”

“Because Kate and Meghan are bonding, this has made Will and Harry closer than ever,” the insider told Radar.

Pippa and husband James Matthews just welcomed their first child, a baby boy named Arthur. 

“Kate was very lonely in the palace before Meghan came along. Meghan is bringing life into her and making Kate not so stiff and, for that, everyone is pleased,” Radar’s source adds. 

“At first the two were not in cahoots  because Kate felt like Meghan was only in it for fame and status. But she has changed her mind about her,” the royal source revealed.

“Kate and Will both agree that Meghan is absolutely in love with Harry. And for that Kate will help her however she can.”

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