Oprah dumps Harry and Meghan

Have the Sussexes burnt another bridge?
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Is Oprah Winfrey washing her hands of Harry and Meghan?

Previously, the showbiz legend had gone to the ends of the earth for the couple, giving them a place to stay when they first moved to the States and agreeing to team up with Harry on a documentary about mental health for Apple TV+.  

WATCH: Harry and Meghan branded “tacky” royals for hire!

However, the project keeps getting pushed back. Now, a source reveals to New Idea that Oprah is being encouraged to distance herself from the couple, who have been criticised for being “too woke” and “lecturing”.

“Oprah can’t afford the public backlash that’s raging against them,” tells a source. “She’s hoping it will all blow over soon and they’ll be able to get back to work on what she feels is a worthwhile project.”

Oprah (pictured) is having second thoughts about working with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after the royals continue to face heated backlash. (Credit: Getty)

Among those criticising the couple is commentator Andrew Pierce, who labelled Meghan’s recent investment in oat milk products as “tacky”

“It’s tacky, it’s royals for hire for rent,” Andrew told Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain last month. “I remember Prince Michael of Kent in America many years ago was flogging bits of royal memorabilia on American TV programmes, it was stopped within days by the Queen.”

Though, the commentator was doubtful that Her Majesty will put her royal foot down this time.

Meghan and Harry
Since jetting to the US, Harry (left) and Meghan (right) are leaving no business stone unturned. Just recently, the couple signed a multi-year contract with streaming giant Spotify to release exclusive audio content. (Credit: Getty)

“She won’t stop Meghan Markle from doing this because they’re a law unto themselves,” Andrew explained to Piers, before concluding that “HRH should not be flogging coffee, even if it is environmentally friendly.”

While the commentator clearly had a bone to pick with the Duchess’ business decision, one person who was initially on-board the oat-milk-train was Oprah herself.

In fact, it was actually the talk show icon who announced Meghan’s latest investment on Instagram last December.

Oprah oat milk
After Meghan sent Oprah (pictured) a basket of goodies, the talk show icon filmed an ‘oat haul’ for her nearly-20-million followers. (Credit: Instagram)

“On the first day of Christmas my neighbour ‘M’ sent to me… a basket of deliciousness!” Oprah captioned a video of herself spruiking the milk, adding, “yes that M,” alongside a crown emoji.

She concluded: “My new drink of choice for the morning and night. Wish I had @clevrblends sooner cause I would’ve added it to my Favorite Things list. #HappyHolidays.”

But if the backlash against the rogue royals doesn’t slow down, Oprah may just be pouring that oat milk down the drain and bidding the scandalous Sussexes farewell.

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New Idea
(Credit: New Idea)

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