Meghan’s royal fate sealed by THIS fatal mistake

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In recent weeks a flurry of reports have claimed that Meghan Markle, newly-minted royal, has committed a cardinal sin in the eyes of the Queen which could prove fatal to her future as the Duchess of Sussex.

The whispers and speculation began in earnest after Meghan’s ill considered excursion to New York City for a baby shower with an entourage of her A-list friends, which has been widely criticised for its extravagance, excessiveness and outright inappropriateness given her new royal status.

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The shower was held at what is reportedly the most expensive suite in the United States – the Penthouse at the Mark Hotel which costs a staggering $105,000 AUD per night.

Duchess Meghan’s NYC holiday also involved afternoon tea at upscale French cafe Laduree, dinner at Ralph Lauren’s exclusive Polo Bar eatery, a private meals= prepared by multiple Michelin-starred chef Jean Georges, large swathes of pink roses and a round trip on the private jet of George and Amal Clooney.

So lavish were the celebrations, the five-day festivities reportedly cost more than $600,000 AUD all in (albeit at the expense of Meghan’s A-list pals as opposed to the British taxpayer).

Nevertheless, royal experts say the “crass and gauche” display of wealth will not sit well with the public and genuine fears are mounting that the Duchess’ luxurious misstep will at best undermine and at worst ruin the reputation the Windsor’s have spent decades building.

Meghan and Jessica Mulroney NYC
Meghan with best friend and stylist Jessica Mulroney outside the Mark Hotel in New York City (Credit: Getty Images)

Writing for the Sun UK, Princess Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell weighed in on the debate by slamming the opulent shower as “over indulgent”, adding Meghan must quickly learn the difference between royalty and celebrity.

Burrell further claimed Prince William and Kate Middleton would be disgusted about the obscene cost and distasteful display of affluence.

As critics voice louder concern about Meghan’s royal suitability, Daily Mail report the Duchess will face a “significant tax bill” to cover import duties on the extravagant gifts she took back to London on the Clooney’s jet.

Duke and Duchess of Sussex in Rabat
Harry and Meghan in the Moroccan capital, Rabat (Credit: Getty Images)

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are currently enjoying the final day of their royal tour of Morocco, the couple’s last overseas engagement before the birth of their first child in April.

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