Fergie vows to Queen: ‘I will make Meghan pay’

She’s ready to fight fire with fire to protect the monarchy
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Sarah Ferguson is standing firmly by her former mother-in-law, the Queen’s, side as the family rift between the royals and the Sussexes grows even wider.

WATCH BELOW: Fergie weighs in on reported feud between Meghan and Kate

“Andrew has always been the Queen’s favourite son. Despite his fall from grace, he is the one supporting her privately,” Dampier confirms.

“He and Fergie are frequent visitors to Windsor Castle and Sarah often walks her dogs with the Queen.”

prince harry meghan markle
Harry and Meghan’s recent claims about their perceived ill-treatment has rocked the royals. (Credit: Getty)

Although the divorced Yorks have maintained a tight-knit relationship, both Prince Philip, while he was alive, and the Queen held Fergie at arm’s length on account of her myriad personal scandals.

However, Dampier hints that the Queen’s relationship with Fergie has slowly thawed in recent times.

“With Prince Philip’s passing, she is likely to see a lot more of [Fergie] with Andrew,” Dampier explains.

queen elizabeth sarah fergie ferguson
The Queen has always had a soft spot for Fergie, despite her many scandals over the years. (Credit: Supplied)

Now, royal insiders reveal Fergie, 61, made a personal vow to the Queen during one of their intimate walks, where she reaffirmed her loyalty to the Crown and told her she would hit back at Harry and Meghan’s constant attacks.

“Enough is enough,” says the source. “Fergie can’t believe the disrespect that is being shown to the Queen.”

Fergie has had little time for the Sussexes ever since they seemingly upstaged her daughter, Princess Eugenie, by announcing their first pregnancy on her wedding day in 2018.

According to sources, it was Fergie who masterminded her eldest daughter, Princess Beatrice, announcing her own pregnancy on Meghan and Harry’s recent third wedding anniversary to “even the score”.

sarah fergie ferguson princess
Fergie joined her daughter to tell the Queen about the pregnancy. (Credit: Austral Scope)

This game of one-upmanship shows no signs of stopping, says the source –especially after it was revealed that Harry effectively lied to his grandmother about his Apple TV+ series.

The Queen gave Harry her blessing in 2018 thinking it was just about mental health.

But sources said last week the “gobsmacked” monarch had “no idea” Harry would use the show to accuse his family of total neglect.

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