Inside Meghan Markle’s royal rebrand from Sussex to Spencer

A shock surname change is in the works...
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With her Spotify deal over and Netflix demanding better content, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex is concocting a plan to rebrand her image. 

Since the actress was catapulted to worldwide fame following her 2017 engagement to Prince Harry, snarky memoirs and problematic TV tell-alls have put the couple well out of favour.

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Public relation experts have weighed in on the Sussexes’ demise. 

Andy Barr, who has 30 years experience in the industry, says, “It is becoming clear the court of public opinion has started to run away from them,” and suggests Meghan could do well to relaunch herself.

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But it seems she is already doing just this – and is once again turning to the mother-in-law she never met, the late Princess Diana, to win back favour.

The duchess has long been inspired by Diana’s looks. (Credit: Getty)

British author and royal expert Tom Bower claims Meghan has designs to change her family’s surname to Diana’s maiden name of Spencer! 

“What’s interesting in the rebranding of the Sussexes, is that Meghan decided her real object in life was to be Diana,” Tom explained recently. 

“She’d be Meghan Spencer – the new Diana.” 

Tom added that Meghan, 41, and Harry, 38, have already shared the big news with their friends.

“They were actively trying to recast themselves as Harry and Meghan Spencer,” Tom says. 

“He’d take his mother’s name too. It’s all about the break-off.

They’d also give up the Sussex title because instead, you’ve got the new incarnation of Diana.” 

Prince Harry was only 12 years old when his mother died. (Credit: Getty)

Spencer is considered one of the most prestigious names in British aristocracy. 

While it’s a bold move, sources acknowledge it could give the pair more credit as they pursue work in America. 

Meghan has recently been lambasted as “talentless” by Hollywood bigwigs, signally a turn for the worst. 

With the Sussexes’ $150 million, five-year Netflix deal hanging in the balance, insiders concede that becoming a Spencer, while extreme, is the type of stunt Meghan might pull.

Meghan is mirroring her late mother in laws style. (Credit: Getty)

“Right now, she’s hunkering down on the advice of every expert she knows. She’s oversaturated herself and needs to hide away until things die down,” an insider tells. 

“She and her team are fleshing out ideas on how to relaunch her.”

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