Meghan Markle’s touching tribute to Prince Philip as she watches funeral from home

She's paid her respects from across the pond.
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Meghan Markle may not have attended Prince Philip’s funeral at Windsor, but that didn’t stop the Duchess from paying her respects from her Californian home.

WATCH: Prince William and Prince Harry have one-on-one conversation at Prince Philip’s funeral

Prince Harry attended his grandfather’s funeral solo after Meghan Markle was advised not to fly due to being in late stages of pregnancy.

A spokesperson for Meghan instead revealed that the she was watching the funeral service from California.

And that wasn’t the only way the Duchess marked her respects. 



Prince Harry Meghan Markle
Sources say that Meghan Markle watched Prince Philip’s funeral from her Californian home, as well as sending a wreath. (Credit: Getty)

Along with Prince Harry, Meghan Markle also sent a special wreath accompanied by a handwritten note to be laid during the service.

The wreath had a very special meaning behind it. It was designed by florist Willow Crossley, who completed some floral arrangements for Harry and Meghan’s wedding and for their son Archie’s christening, and it contained specially-requested flowers to represent the late Duke’s life.

On the wreath were bear’s breeches (the national flower of Greece) as a nod to Philip’s heritage, sea holly to mark his service in the Royal Marines and roses to represent his birth month. 

prince Philip funeral
Due to COVID, only 30 guests attended the late Duke’s service. (Credit: Getty)

The Duke’s funeral saw the first time Prince Harry and Prince William reunited publicly since Harry and Meghan’s bombshell Oprah interview that reportedly sent shockwaves throughout the royal family.

William and Harry reunited before the funeral began, as they met at a gathering at Windsor Castle before the procession behind Prince Philip’s coffin started.

In the televised funeral for the late Prince Philip, the brothers were seen looking sombre as they walked together behind their grandfather’s coffin.

prince william harry prince philip funeral
Prince Harry and Prince William walked behind Philip’s casket together, just like they did at their mother Diana’s funeral. (Credit: Getty)

Harry and William did not walk shoulder to shoulder in the procession, but were be separated by cousin Peter Phillips, Princess Anne’s son, as they walked in a line behind their grandfather’s coffin.

Both were dressed in suits and black ties after the Queen decided no family member would wear uniform.

As they left the chapel, the brothers walked side-by-side for the very first time.

Harry and William were seen walking and talking to each other after Prince Philip’s funeral.

Kate was also seen speaking to her brother-in-law, as the three walked away together following the service.

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