Meghan and Harry: Crisis talks over divorce

Meghan caught flirting!
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They put on a united front during their first public appearances of the year last week, but behind closed doors palace officials are said to be holding crisis talks over what might happen if their marriage were to end.

WATCH: Meghan and Harry – Crisis talks over divorce

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who wed in May 2018, have faced a series of personal dramas in recent months, including a rumoured rift between Meghan and her sister- in-law Kate, an ongoing feud with Meghan’s father Thomas, and three members of her staff quitting in a matter of months.

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“Senior royals and palace officials are in crisis talks over what might happen if their marriage ended,” an exclusive source reveals to New Idea.

“Everyone can’t believe how the tide has turned – that they went from being so loved by the public, to Meghan making enemies left, right and centre. It’s a disaster.”

Adding further fuel to the fire, it is believed the Queen has had enough of Meghan’s “diva-like” behaviour and, according to Globe magazine, Her Majesty has approved a $37 million divorce proposal.

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“She’s ordered us to give Meghan what she wants – money … and a title for her baby, but not her,” a courtier reportedly told the publication, adding the Queen wants the former Suits actress to move back to America and her child to be raised in Britain.

However, Harry isn’t having a bar of it, saying a break-up “will only happen over my dead body!”

New Idea understands secret preparations are underway for how to manage the fallout of
a potential split.

“There’s absolutely nothing to suggest that they will split at all at this stage,” says the source.

“But the palace was terribly ill-prepared for Diana and Charles’ break-up and, if they’ve learnt anything, it’s to be prepared.”

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Meanwhile, it’s believed those in the royal circle have been warned not to leak what plans are in place – but there are fears ex staffers who have quit, including former bodyguards, could be tempted to do a tell-all.

‘No-one wants this getting out. Nothing is sacred behind palace walls,” the insider adds.

Amid rumours the duchess is having trouble adjusting to her new life as a royal, sources tell New Idea that Meghan has been “flirting” with her new communications secretary and even went to lunch with him.

A royal insider revealed, “Harry wasn’t happy Meghan went for lunch with Christian Jones. He knew nothing about the planned meeting and just wants to protect and support Meghan, especially after everything he’s done for her and how much he’s fought to ensure she’s always looked after – adding that an appointment at the palace would have been suffcient.

meghan markle
(Credit: BACKGRID)
meghan markle
(Credit: BACKGRID)

“Christian and Meghan have also met on several other occasions – going for coffee at a west London patisserie and even meeting up at Kensington Palace,” the source added.

According to the insider, the Duchess of Sussex insisted she was just trying to strike up a rapport with Christian to help her with all the backlash after a hellish few months.

“Meghan explained to Harry how hard she’s had it and how important it is for her to work closely with Christian and do some major damage control before her reputation is left in tatters,” the source added.

“Their meetings were entirely innocent and Harry knows that.”

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(Credit: New Idea)
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