US Report: Royal Pilot quits due to Meghan Markle’s diva pregnancy demands

Another one bites the dust!

When three employees left Meghan Markle’s employ in a matter of months, it caused many royal watchers to raise their eyebrows. 

Now, another employee of the royal household has alleged quit their post due to Meghan Markle and her diva demands, RadarOnline reports. 

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According to the publication, Kensington Palace is currently seeking a new helicopter pilot after the veteran chopper captain handed in his resignation following pregnant Meghan’s fussy pregnancy cravings. 

A source has told RadarOnline that the hopelessly in love Prince Harry would often order the chopper captain to go and fetch any snack the Duchess of Sussex was craving at that moment until he finally objected to being used like “an on-call 24/7 flying delivery service”. 

harry and meghan pregnant
(Credit: Getty Images)
(Credit: Getty Images)

The royals are now advertising for a new chopper pilot who will earn up to $105,000. Their new recruit will take control of the royals’ private $13million Sikorsky S76 C++ craft.

Responsibilities include: planning and executing flights in accordance with TQHF Operations Manual, managing royal tasks and other administrative duties, and supporting the Director of Flight Operations.

Meghan Markle is due to give birth to baby Sussex any day now, so hopefully, the Royal family’s new pilot won’t be subject to her every pregnancy whim. 

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