Meghan Markle opens up about fears and insecurities at bakery visit

The Duchess of Sussex was visiting a bakery for victims of domestic violence.
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Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has once again opened up about her fears and vulnerabilities as she becomes more and more like her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana. 

Without her husband Prince Harry, the US actor visited the Luminary Bakery – a London-based project which help women who are victims of sex trafficking, violence, or who have been to prison and are finding it hard to get back into work.

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According to The Telegraph, Meghan said that humans are stuck in a habit of “wanting things done immediately” and needing an “instant fix” to problems.

Meghan Markle opens up about fears and insecurities at bakery
Meghan Markle opens up about fears and insecurities at bakery (Credit: @sussexroyal)

Speaking to a woman named Tanya, who was stabbed multiple times by her violent ex-partner, Meghan said: “But we aren’t mechanical objects that need to be fixed.

“You’re a wounded creature that needs to be healed and that takes time.”

The Duchess of Sussex Instagram share a clip of Meghan’s visit and captioned it: “Earlier this week The Duchess of Sussex visited the women of Luminary Bakery as they celebrated the opening of their new location. It was a special moment to acknowledge the spirit of Luminary and their remarkable business model that opens its arms to women from vulnerable circumstances (be it abuse, poverty, trafficking, marginalisation) and equips them with the job skills and confidence to succeed.

“Having sat down with @luminarybakery at their flagship location earlier this year and from that inspiring visit choosing to feature them as #ForcesForChange in the September issue of @britishvogue, Her Royal Highness was proud to be invited to attend the launch of their second bakery. This addition will enable the organisation to provide services, support and mentoring for four times the number of women.

(Credit: @sussexroyal)

“Luminary Bakery – a sustainable grassroots organisation in the heart of London – is a beautiful example of community and uplifting those during hardship for the greater good.

“If you find yourself in the area, please visit and support the women of @LuminaryBakery to enjoy their delicious baked goods and to see the impactful work they’re doing.”

After her visit, Meghan said: “Our lives may be different, our backgrounds, our experiences, all varied but I find that in these moments of connection it becomes abundantly clear that our hopes, our fears, our insecurities, the things that make us tick… well, those are very much the same. And there’s a comfort in that.”

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