Meghan Markle mummy-shamed for holding Archie ‘awkwardly’

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Meghan Markle has been mummy-shamed on social media after her first public appearance with baby Archie at a family day out on Wednesday. 


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex and their newborn son were out for the first time as a family of three as Prince Harry competed in a charity polo tournament in Wokingham, England

But royal fans weren’t holding back their judgement after the 37-year-old appeared awkward and uneasy while holding two-month-old Archie in her arms as she watched the match. 

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After photos were published of the Duchess cradling her tot, some royal fans slammed Meghan with their thoughts on her parenting techniques. 

“She doesn’t look relaxed at all, she looks awkward, uncomfortable and stressed holding the baby the way she is,” one fan posted to Facebook. 

“She looks awkward for sure,” said another.

“Meghan needs to learn to hold her own child. Maybe she gets the nanny to do it! She has no maternal instincts at all,” one person commented on Instagram.

“That sweet baby Archie seems so uncomfortable! His neck, back and legs are unsupported in the other pictures. Such a shame.”

“I am surprised that nobody else has yet commented on the way that Meghan Markle is holding Archie. She is clearly struggling and not yet familiar with the best way to hold a baby that is covered by a blanket. Her hand position is also awkwardly placed,” another fan tweeted. 

While others jumped to the Duchess’ defence, pointing out there was nothing that she was doing wrong. 

“That is how we teach new mom’s to hold a newborns it is call a football hold to established strong bonding love and security and love between a mother and her new baby. Just like when a baby is born we wrap their blanket in a papoose around them,” one commented. 

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Meghan and Harry’s day out with Archie is the first time the family have been out in public together. 

The outing comes just days after the royal family celebrated Archie’s christening on July 6 at a private service in Windsor. 

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