Meghan reignites feud with Kate

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Rumours of a rift between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton were put to bed after the duo appeared the best of friends during the Christmas service at Sandringham last year. 

But now, Meghan is believed to have reignited their feud, as the two women are battling it out for media attention on Instagram.

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Yep, Meghan and Prince Harry recently shared a series of never before seen photos on their Instagram to celebrate their first wedding anniversary.

But, within hours a series of pictures of Kate and William with their three children, George, Charlotte and Louis, at her garden at the Chelsea flower show were released.

“It does feel as though they are competing for media attention,” Angela Mollard reveals on the podcast New Idea Royals.

“It leads to questions of whether there is a war going on.”

Of course, the Sussex’s and the Cambridge’s Instagram accounts are meant to highlight their charitable causes and Angela is concerned that Meghan’s competitiveness may be getting in the way of that.

“When you’re trying to propagate other message of mental health, environmentalism, sustainability in Kate’s case childhood education and health, you don’t want to be seen to be buying onto the whole Instagram notion of likes and followers and clicks,” she says.

“I see them doing that, it’s very much Meghan’s background to do that…her industry has required competitiveness.  

“But, employing it in a social media context with a family who are renowned for majesty, they are regal, the appeal of the royals is as much distance as it is closeness, it’s important that they judge that correctly.”

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