King Charles and Queen Camilla are fighting about the coronation budget

Charles has made some serious cuts - much to his wife’s dislike…
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Despite a newly released regal portrait of King Charles and Queen Camilla, fresh reports have shed more light on what is being branded a coronation downgrade.

With just days to go before His Majesty, 74, officially ascends the throne at his May 6 coronation – but doubt has been thrown over the special ceremony, with insiders revealing the monarch and his wife Camilla, 75, are feuding.

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It’s believed attending state guests can now opt to wear their “standard business clothing” instead of their traditional finery, reducing the pomp to something of a corporate gathering.

Indeed, for the late Queen’s big day, coronation robes and coronets made the event a visual spectacle, but the incoming monarch is said to be hell-bent on reducing the fanfare where possible – much to Camilla’s dislike.

“There are genuine concerns this could end up being history’s ‘Kmart coronation’,” dishes one palace insider.

What started out as a wise move on Charles’ part in light of the cost-of-living crisis has turned into “an obsession” for the King.

camilla charles
Charles and Camilla just can’t seem to agree…. (Credit: Getty)

“He’s not only diced the coronets from all peers, but he’s slashed the guest list to smithereens on several occasions,” adds the source.

The last straw between Charles and Camilla came when he started asking questions about the flower arrangements.

“Camilla understands his need to connect to his people, but there is also a level of expectation of pomp and ceremony – there are standards to be met. She worries they’re going to lose their blue-blood sheen as representatives of the church,” insists the source.

To some it might be an admirable move by the King, hoping to win over a more economically tuned-in generation, but some royal experts have warned it could only lead to trouble.

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“Reducing the coronation to something much more mundane and no-frills carries a hell of a lot of risk,” royal expert Daniela Elser has warned.

New Idea’s top palace sleuths explain that Camilla has now become the “go-to” when it comes to coronation decision-making.

“She’s determined to not let Charles ruin what’s her big day too. It’s admirable what he’s doing but if he goes too far, it will blow up in their faces,” says the source.

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Indeed, every inch of the coronation will feel the wrath of Charles’ budget cuts, with sources revealing the Princess of Wales might even forgo wearing a tiara.

“She and William are on Charles’ side in streamlining the coronation, but Camilla is adamant that this isn’t what Charles wants,” the source confesses. “She admires him for being such a stalwart, but she also wants him to have the coronation of his dreams.”

Charles just can’t believe how much his coronation is costing! (Credit: Getty)

And now, according to reports made by The Mirror, the event is estimated to cost a whopping $123 million dollars. 

It is unclear at this stage how much is being funded by taxpayers and how much is being funded privately by the Windsor family. 

The high price tag is much steeper than the coronation of the late Queen Elizabeth II in 1953 at $1.9 million dollars (or in today’s dollars $56 million). 

In addition to this coronation cost, the Bank Holiday that the United Kingdom is set to receive on Monday, May 8th is expected to cost the economy $2.8 billion. Yes BILLION, you read that right!


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