WATCH: Kate Middleton’s shocking fall

The Duchess of Cambridge took it all in her stride
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Kate Middleton almost took a tumble on Tuesday while attending an event with her husband Prince William

WATCH: Kate Middleton laughs as she stumbles with Prince William

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were leaving Shout’s Crisis Volunteer celebration event when, as Kate approached the royal car, she appeared to trip up on the uneven ground.

kate middleton
Kate looked elegant when she arrived at the event (Credit: Getty)

Kate had appeared her usual elegant self as she arrived at the charity event for Shout, which provides a 24/7 text support service for anyone in crisis. 

The couple were in good spirits, and the Duke of Cambridge was even seen reaching for his wife’s back and rubbing it lightly in a rare PDA as they entered the Troubadour White Theatre to meet with volunteers working with the organisation.

kate flowers
Kate left the event carrying a beautiful bouquet (Credit: Getty)

But it was when they were leaving the venue that the Duchess’s misstep occurred. 

Having said goodbye to organisers, Kate, who was carrying a bouquet of beautiful flowers, was ushered towards one door of the waiting royal car, as William went around to get in the other side. 

kate will
William ushered Kate around the car (Credit: Getty)

Kate then accidentally tripped, as captured in the video (above) almost falling over. 

William snapped into action and appeared to reach his hand out to his wife, however she quickly regained her balance and immediately laughed at her stumble. 

The couple then shared a quick smile before ducking into the backseat of the car.

Kate Middleton
Kate giggled at William after her trip (Credit: Getty)

During the event, Prince William allegedly expressed interest in becoming a crisis counsellor.

His plan is to train and become a crisis counsellor,” Nancy Lublin, co-founder and CEO of Crisis Text Line in the US, told People.

After meeting at the Shout event she said Prince William is “trying to figure out how to work the training into his schedule. But he’s quite sincere about it and is certainly knowledgable.”

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