US report: Why Kate has hired a new ‘glam squad’

Is the Duchess stepping up her game?
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She’s long reigned as the Queen of Style, but now Meghan Markle’s on the scene it would appear Kate Middleton is under pressure to up her fashion game.

The Duchess of Cambridge has been making enquiries into hiring her own public relations team in London to help her grab back the spotlight, sources told the Straight Shuter, Naughty but Nice podcast.

“Kate fought hard to get to where she is, and she isn’t about to give up without a fight,” noted one insider. “She likes Meghan, but she knows that she is going to have to step up her game to compete and is looking at different options.”

“Kate wants to create her own team, people that she hires and doesn’t share with anyone else in the family,” continued the source, who also added that Kate no longer wants to do her own hair and make-up and is looking to hire a ‘glam team’ and stylists to give her look an overhaul.

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